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The end is nigh, emotions are rife and the ugly crying faces are aplenty…

24 crying pictures that sum up how you feel about leaving uni.

1. When you have to pack up all your stuff.

RealityTVGIFs television sad mtv crying

2. And you come across little keepsakes from Freshers Week.

RealityTVGIFs flu television kim kardashian keeping up with the kardashians

3. Like the tie from the School Disco themed party.

4. And the glow sticks from the UV Party.

breakup james van der beek ugly crying crying feelings

5. So you look back on old Facebook photos.

ugly crying sad the walking dead daryl dixon merle dixon

6. And you find pictures from the first day you met your uni BFFs.

flu breaking bad ugly cry marie schrader loveher

7. You were all so young and full of hope.

sad harry styles one direction upset crying

8. And you think about how close you have become.

9. And how you’ll probably never be that close again.

Stacy Rizzetta, TV Editor sad ben affleck depressed

10. Because you won’t be living together anymore. sad upset crying american idol

11. No more spontaneous nights out.

crying cry claire danes homeland carrie mathison

12. Or being hungover together on a Sunday, watching ten episodes of Come Dine With Me and ordering a pizza.


13. What if you go on to live different lives and don’t stay in touch?


14. You’re going to have to leave the city you’ve lived in for three whole years.

sad crying leonardo dicaprio romeo and juliet baz luhrman

15. You won’t be able to go out four nights a week anymore.


16. No more student loans.

RealityTVGIFs mtv jersey shore deena ugly cry

17. You’re going to have to get a job.

kim kardashian crying cry kardashian ugly cryer

18. You won’t be able to skip work because you’re hungover.

celebrities cry faces ugly mick fanning

19. You’ll have to move back home with your parents.

20. You’ll have to sacrifice all your freedom.

crying cry tears hard cry weepy

21. No more drinking during the day because when you’re out of university that’s just plain old alcoholism.

22. You wish you could go back and do it all over again.

nicolas cage crying gif

23. But you can’t.

beyonce crying

24. It’s over.

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