Deciding what to take to uni can be incredibly overwhelming, but don’t worry, My Baggage has you covered. Check out our ULTIMATE checklist below!

  1. Important documents
  2. Electrical items/entertainment
  3. Clothing items
  4. Academic items
  5. Kitchen items
  6. Bedroom items
  7. Bathroom items
  8. Toiletries/medical supplies
  9. Miscellaneous
  10. Essential non-essentials
  11. Before you pack
  12. Getting your bags to uni
  13. Printable Checklist PDF

So, you’re getting ready to make the big move and set off on the adventure of your life! But as well as being exciting, packing to go to university can be incredibly stressful. It’s hard to know what to bring for the next year of your life and it’s only natural to feel overwhelmed, that’s where we come in.

We are experts at this kind of thing (don’t take our words for it, check out reviews), so we have put together the ultimate checklist to help make this process as painless as possible. We’ve included everything from household essentials to bathroom supplies and the important documents you don’t want to leave behind, to help you get organised for the big move.

Are you going to uni/college in the USA? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Check out our comprehensive list of things to bring to college here.

The Ultimate University Packing List

Important Documents

The following documents will be extremely important for your move to university, especially during your first few weeks. Make copies (paper and digital) of all of them and keep all of them together in a secure file to ensure none of them goes missing.

      • Passport/driving license or some form of ID
      • All official university documents, including your acceptance letter
      • All your Student Finance documents
      • Accommodation documents
      • Your course acceptance letter
      • Your bank details and bank card
      • Passport photos
      • National Insurance card

Electrical Items/Entertainment

You can’t get through university without your laptop, how else will you be able to procrastinate over unfinished essays and binge-watch Netflix with your new flatmates? Other than the obvious, we’ve included a list of electrical items, you simply shouldn’t leave home without.

Clothing Items

You’ll already know what clothes you want to bring, from your favourite shoes to the ultimate party dress, but we just thought we’d give a quick summary just in case, so you’re covered for any occasion.

      • Comfortable clothing
      • Everyday clothing
      • Everyday shoes
      • Formal clothing
      • Formal shoes
      • Smart-casual clothing
      • Nightwear
      • Seasonal clothing (hats, scarves, gloves, sunglasses)
      • Costume clothing (for themed parties!)
      • Dressing gown
      • Swimwear
      • Backpack
      • Gym Bag
      • Clothes hangers
      • Raincoat
      • Winter boots
      • Slippers
      • Flip-flops (an essential if you have a communal bathroom!)

Academic Items

Stocking up on books, notepads and stationery items can add a significant amount of weight to your bags. If you are low on room, you can alternatively, get these items when you arrive at university. Most campuses will have a college shop, that will provide essential stationery items and more. But there are a few essentials you should pack, just to get the ball rolling.

      • Sellotape
      • Journal/diary/planner
      • Pens and pencils
      • Sticky notes
      • Paper clips
      • Stapler and staples
      • Highlighters

Your university will send you a recommended reading list, but it’s best to purchase these books once you arrive. Not only will these textbooks cost a pretty penny, but they will add unnecessary weight to your luggage. Many universities offer a discount for buying these reading lists in the university bookshop or have second-hand book sales at the beginning of term. It’s a good idea to go with this option and save yourself some much-needed space and cash.

Kitchen Items

Don’t worry you don’t have to bring everything and the kitchen sink to halls of residence. Your kitchen will be stocked with electricals, so you can leave your kettle, microwave and toaster behind. If you are in doubt as to what is included, you can contact your accommodation office before the big move, just to keep yourself right. However, there are items you will need to invest in, we’ve outlined these below.

      • A couple of bowls and plates
      • Cutlery
      • Mugs and glasses
      • Reusable food containers
      • Travel mug
      • Bottle opener
      • Tin opener
      • Saucepan
      • Wok
      • Sharp knife
      • Baking tray
      • Frying pan
      • Oven gloves
      • Tea towels
      • Cheese grater
      • Vegetable peeler
      • Dishcloths/sponges
      • Tinfoil (it’s a lifesaver)

Bedroom Items

In halls of residence, your furniture will be covered, leaving you to worry about the basics. Remember to double-check the size of your bed, before buying bed linen. If you need to save on room, these items can be purchased on the day you move in.

      • Duvet
      • Bed-sheets
      • Pillows
      • Pillowcases
      • Duvet cover
      • Mattress protector
      • Clothes hangers
      • Laundry bag or basket (for dragging items to and from the laundry room)
      • Doorstop
      • Earplugs (you’ll need them, we promise)
      • Hot water bottle
      • Rubbish bin
      • Mini sewing kit

Bathroom Items

Most halls now include en-suite rooms, but if you’re sharing a bathroom, you’ll want to bring your own towels. And, you’ll be very thankful for shower shoes, trust us…

      • Towels (for hands, face and body)
      • Toothbrush and toothbrush holder
      • Hand soap
      • Bathroom cleaning spray
      • Toilet cleaner
      • Cleaning sponges
      • Bathrobe
      • Shower shoes

Toiletries/Medical Supplies

You never want to be caught short, so it’s a good idea to include these items. If you are low on room, you can alternatively purchase these products once you arrive.

      • Personal prescription medicine
      • Allergy medicine
      • Paracetamol/cold & flu medicine (you’ll need it for Freshers’ Flu!)
      • Multivitamins
      • Plasters
      • Antiseptic cream
      • Antiseptic wipes
      • Birth control pills
      • Condoms
      • Tampons/sanitary pads
      • Nail scissors
      • Razors
      • Comb/brush
      • Cosmetics
      • Sun cream
      • Hair ties
      • Bobby pins
      • Toiletries bag


These random items might slip your mind when packing up your stuff, but you never know when you might need and wish they’d gone in the bag.

      • A torch
      • Blu tack or pins
      • Febreeze
      • Change for washing machines and bus fares
      • Playing cards
      • Alarm clock
      • Batteries
      • Umbrella
      • Books

Essential non-essentials

The following items aren’t exactly essentials, but we can almost guarantee that they’ll make you feel more at home in your new room.

      • Photos of family and friends
      • Throw blankets/cushions for decoration
      • Fake plants for decoration
      • Fairy lights for decoration
      • Wall mirror/full-length mirror
      • Bulletin board

Check before you pack…

As we mentioned before, halls of residence will already include essential kitchen appliances and furniture. Many will also have certain restrictions set in place for items such as candles (open flames in student accommodation can be a fire hazard) and posters/wall art (you may be forbidden from hanging these on the walls as they can cause damage). So before you pack, be sure to check first!

      • Kettle
      • Toaster
      • Microwave
      • Mini-fridge
      • Toastie maker
      • Coffee maker
      • Printer
      • TV
      • Posters/wall art
      • Candles

Getting Your Luggage To Uni

Once you’ve finished packing, you then face the challenge of transporting all of that luggage to your new home at university. This can be quite an effort if you’re going to uni in a whole new town, city, or even country. Thankfully, that’s where My Baggage comes in.

So, to help make life easier, you can use a student shipping service like us! My Baggage specialises in transporting students’ belongings to and from university every single term. We ship to over 200 countries worldwide, and we’re trusted by 50,000 students across the world. You can read about how we can help here, or get a quote!


Printable Checklist PDF


Want to ensure you have included everything? Sometime’s there’s nothing better than having a PDF checklist. Don’t worry, we’ve created one just for you! Check it out here.



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