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It’s your first time living away from home, you’re not so good at the old budgeting thing and you have to call your mum for instructions every time you use the oven.

You are Rachel Green.

20 Times Rachel Green Was Actually You In First Year

1. When you received your student loan into your bank account for the first time:


2. Swiftly followed by paying your rent for the first time and seeing all of that money drain away:


3. When you “accidentally” spent the majority of your first student loan installment during Fresher‘s Week:


4. And you did not learn your lesson when the second installment came in.

When she overpaid for her cat, Mrs. Whiskerson:

5. When you tried to show your parents that you were finally independent but failed miserably:


6. When you decided to get a part-time job alongside uni because it was the only way you were going to survive the next three years:


7. When you planned your first visit home since moving out and had to say goodbye to your uni friends:


8. When you still had a long way to go before you mastered the art of grocery shopping like a real adult:


9. When you got that first bout of homesickness:


10. When you visited home for the first time and got emotional at the sweet taste of home-cooking:


11. When you ordered your fourth takeaway in a week and everybody told you that you really needed to start cooking for yourself:


12. Trying to cook for yourself for the first time went a little bit like:


13. And your skills did not improve as the year progressed.

14. Every time some burnt their toast in your student halls and set the fire alarms off at 7am:


15. When you tried to do your laundry on your own for the first time but realised you had no idea what you were doing:


16. When you first established your solid uni friend group:


17. When you realised that being an adult/being away from home is a lot more difficult than you first imagined:


18. When you failed your assignment but your best friend got 95%:

When Monica and Chandler got engaged:

19. When you looked back on your first year, reflected on how easy it was, then realised second year actually counts:


20. When you come home for the summer.

When Rachel said the most iconic five words in TV history:


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