When you move into a student house or flat, you soon discover how weird people really are…

Everyone has their own strange habits and eccentricities and general ways of doing things.

But, moving in with other people ALSO brings out the crazy in you. All of a sudden you become a super controlling neat freak who stresses every time some touches your stuff, puts something in the wrong place or leaves any kind of mess.

Face it, you’ve become a full-blown Monica Geller

18 Times Your Uni Housemates Turned You Into Monica Geller

1. You try to pretend you’re chill with all the mess in your house, but no one is convinced.

2. Even YOU don’t believe it. You have to clean everything, whether you created the mess or not.


3. When you play any kind of drinking game you get WAY too competitive.


4. When you all plan a houseparty, you somehow end up in charge every single time.

5. Because:

6. When every one is in the kitchen at dinner time, queuing for the oven.


7. When your housemates come home drunk at 3am and wont STFU.


8. You don’t get drunk much but when you do, you LET LOOSE.

9. You don’t have much patience and you’re not so good at pretending to be interested in other people’s boring stories.

10. Mostly because your housemates act like immature school children.


11. But that’s not to say you don’t occasionally have the odd breakdown of your own.


12. You can definitely get stressed.


13. You spend so much time around other people that when you’re alone, you do weird shit.

friends lisa kudrow phoebe buffay friendsedit monica geller

14. Because you’re always right, you’re not so good at apologising. You can go overboard with the gestures.

dance dancing friends thanksgiving turkey

15. But you’re still the one that everyone relies on.

16. You’re the mummy of your student house.

17. Not to mention, you always have the best gossip.

18. And you can be a lot of fun when you need to be.



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