Could you BE anymore stressed out right now?

1. When you’re in a 9am lecture.

2. When the lecturer asks a question and you weren’t listening at all.

3. When you’re trying to get stuff done in the library and people won’t stop talking.

friends shut up matthew perry chandler bing chandler

4. When you look back photos from Fresher’s week and cringe at how you looked.

easter matthew perry chandler bing chandler easter bunny

5. Your flirting game has zero chill. 

6. When you got with that one person on your course and it was super awkward and you then subsequently had to spend the rest of the year avoiding them.

friends lisa kudrow phoebe buffay matthew perry chandler bing

7. When a friend asks for help revising.

8. When you start writing an essay, then get sucked into a Wikipedia hole of pure procrastination.

9. When you feel guilty about all the procrastination you’re doing.

10. When you stress eat.

11. When your lecturer gives you bad feedback.

12. So you try and concentrate on all the good things in your life.

13. When your housemates touch your stuff.

14. When you get set a group project with the most useless people on your course.

It's not your fault you're cynical and hate everyone:

15. When you have a mid semester crisis and consider dropping out.

16. When you’re trying your damn hardest to increase the word count on an essay.

17. When someone asks how your exam went.

friends lisa lisa kudrow perry phoebe

18. When someone asks what your weekend plans are.

19. When it all gets a bit too much.

20. When you somehow pass an exam you did no revision for.

Thanks for reading!

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