Anyone who has ever studied in the Toon will tell you that there’s nowhere on earth quite like Newcastle.

This UK city is a little world of its own. It has a different breed of people, with their own unique language and their own religion. (For those who are unfamiliar, that religion is known as football.)

If you’re off to study in Newcastle Upon Tyne, we guarantee you’ll have the time of your life, but before you leave, here are a few things you should know!

1. Geordie people are so friendly, it’s almost frightening. Strangers will talk to you like you’ve been lifelong BFFs. Personal space does not exist.

2. When we say nights out are cheap – we mean cheap. Like go out with a fiver, get mortal and come home with £4.50 in change kinda cheap.

3. There’s this stereotype about women in Newcastle basically going out to clubs in their underwear.

4. It’s 100% true.

5. Geordies are genetically conditioned not to feel the cold.

6. No one brings a coat on a night out. If you bring a coat, you may as well be carrying a big flashing neon sign that says ‘I’m not from this land.’

7. You are everyone’s ‘pet’ whether you like it or not.

8. People always say there is a Greggs on every corner. But as Newcastle is the birthplace of Greggs, you will literally find one on every corner.

9. Bread rolls no longer exist. From now on you eat stotties.

10. Stuff like this happens all the time. In fact, you’re more shocked on a night out when you DON’T observe casual public nudity.

11. Castle Leazes

12. There are Northern Irish people everywhere. Like, EVERYWHERE.

13. Tiger Tiger is only ever an option when your student loan comes through.

14. When your student loan runs out, this is where you’ll be.

15. The city will be flooded with hen parties and stag dos at the weekend.


16. There is a club/ society for literally every possible interest.

17. It’s ok for Geordies to slag Newcastle. It is NOT ok for you to slag off Newcastle.

18. You’ll never use taxis or buses or any form of public transport because everything is within walking distance. And, as mentioned previously, Geordies don’t feel the cold.

19. At the start, you’ll require a translator when talking to a local.

20. But after a while, you start to pick up words.

21. And when you return home, you’ll have a weird Geordie hybrid accent and your friends and family won’t understand a word you say.

22. Sunny days should be spent at Tynemouth.

23. And you will plan a trip there when the weather’s good. But in the end, you’ll be too lazy.

24. You’ll become a loyal customer of Londis. Just because Tesco is too far away.

25. You’ll never make a 9 am lecture. Ever.

26. It’s worth getting a Fresher’s wristband.

27. Long after you leave, you’ll always consider Newcastle as your second home.

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