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Airline Baggage Rates, Allowances And Restrictions

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Airline Baggage Rates, Allowances And Restrictions

Sending luggage with an airline is not the most straightforward task in the world…

Something which should be simple, requires much effort and research because each airline has its own unique rules; prices, weight restrictions and allowances.

This means passengers often have to mine through tons of information, just to find out basic details, such as how much airline baggage will cost and how much luggage you can bring. Not ideal if you’re trying to plan a holiday, or a relaxing trip.

Airline Baggage Information Guide

To make life easier, My Baggage has put together some useful airline baggage information. We’ve researched all the airlines below to find key details about their weight allowances, size restrictions, hand luggage rules, how many bags you can bring and of course – how much it will cost. Just click on the logos below to find out more.

Airline Baggage Information

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An Airline Baggage Alternative

Instead of paying out for expensive excess baggage fees on your flight, have you ever considered shipping your luggage to your destination with professionals?

My Baggage is a luggage shipping service which provides a cheaper and more convenient alternative to airline baggage. Simply book your luggage shipment online and we will collect your suitcases from you and deliver them quickly and safely to where they need to go. We offer luggage shipping to 200+ countries worldwide.

How does it work?

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My Baggage makes the process of transporting your luggage as easy as possible. Once you’ve placed your booking with us, we’ll send you some labels to print and attach to your shipment. If you’re unsure how to attach your labels to your luggage, you can read through our detailed packaging guide for further information. As well, if you happen to be sending your items outside of the EU, we will provide you with the appropriate customs documents to complete and will always be on hand to offer as much advice as we can.

To give you some extra peace of mind, My Baggage offers £100 free compensation cover on every single shipment. If you feel like you need to, you’ll be given the option to increase this amount right up to the value of £1000 during the booking process. As well, if you happen to have any questions or concerns along the way, we have a dedicated customer support team willing to help. With years of experience within the logistics field, our customer support is unrivalled. If you have any issues with your My Baggage shipment, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly via phone, email and live chat.

To reiterate the above, there is an endless amount of benefits to opting to ship your luggage with professionals; but here are just a few of the most important ones:

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