Way, way too real.

1. When you’re a Fresher you’re ALWAYS ready to party.

new girl jessica day party gif

2. But as the years’ progress, your attitude changes and you forget you were ever one of them.

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3. This becomes your entire life.


4. Anytime you’re not at uni. Even when you’ve graduated.

down it fresher

5. The inevitable mid-year breakdown you experience every… single… year.

parks and recreation screenshot

6. It continues until you become numb.

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7. Lectures. Every. Single. One.

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8. Your attendance in lectures as the year progresses.

disappearing screenshot

9. When it’s time to do that inevitable group assignment that counts massively towards your degree.

dog annoyed

10. And you end up doing 99.9% of the work.

jacobs by marc jacobs

11. This is never a good idea, but you never seem to learn.


12. When your student loan comes in.

cat with money

13. But alas, that feeling does not tend to last long.



14. Shopping? LOL. What is this mythical thing you speak of?


15. Freshers Week hangovers got you like:


16. That heart-stopping and downright horrific moment.


17. Your reaction to those people constantly talking about having a first.


18. Eventually learning this harsh lesson.


19. In your final year when you and the squad look back at yourselves in first year and realize you’ve definitely come a long way.


20. You feel like a new person: an adult, educated, ready to take on the world.


21. Then you graduate and realize it’s time to find a job and actually work for the rest of your life.



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