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How To Ship a Bike


Taking a bike overseas can be a tiring and worrying business.

On top of carrying your items to and from the airport, you have to deal with security personnel and handlers who pay little regard to your bike’s value. Then there is the potential of an agonising wait at the collection carousel and the added delay of picking up oversized baggage.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take all these possible problems away, allowing you to enjoy your trip? Well, look no further than our bike shipping services at My Baggage.

Our team can collect your bike from your home and deliver it directly to your destination.

Taking a bike overseas can be a tiring and worrying business.

On top of carrying your items to and from the airport, you have to deal with security personnel and handlers who pay little regard to your bike’s value. Then there is the potential of an agonising wait at the collection carousel and the added delay of picking up oversized baggage.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take all these possible problems away, allowing you to enjoy your trip? Well, look no further than our bike shipping services at My Baggage.

Our team can collect your bike from your home and deliver it directly to your destination.


How does it work?

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If a global pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s the beauty of outdoor exercise. We’ve all learned to appreciate the fresh air and the zig-zag of trails through beautiful country scenic routes. More people than ever are taking up cycling, so it’s fair to say our bike shipping service is pretty popular.

The thing about bikes is, they’re very individual and showcase our personality. That Turquoise bike with the adorable basket at the front, or that MTB with killer suspension… you can’t replicate that anywhere else! And most of us have a bike that perfectly fits our long, medium or small bodies, so buying another one in our new home country isn’t appealing. Let’s not forget; your bike is expensive, so protecting it from damage is your number one priority.

Thankfully though, taking your bike overseas doesn’t have to be tiring, costly and worrying anymore.

We’re pretty sure you won’t want to carry your bike through the airport either; that would put a real downer on your travels!

Imagine the hassle of waiting for your bike at the airport carousel, whispering to yourself, “Oh no, I hope it hasn’t been damaged.”

So, why not give your trusty wheels the royal treatment and have your two-wheeled buddy meet you at the door of your new home? Our ‘wheelie’ great team can collect your bike from your home and deliver it directly to your destination.

Our door-to-door service is perfect whether you’re going away on holiday or studying abroad. It’s perfect, too, if you’re taking a leap of faith and permanently relocating. And let’s face it, a warmer climate is appealing! Even better, there’ll be no uphill struggle for your bike; you can follow its journey using our tracking system.

Why should you ship your bike?

Bike shipping takes the leg-work out of travelling.

It allows you to focus on which lycra to pack, safe in the knowledge that your bike will meet you when you arrive at your destination.

My Baggage’s popular bike shipping service allows you to travel between countries without having to drag a bike through airports, security and everything that goes with a trip. But it’s not just the convenience aspect that our customers love.

If you use our bike shipping service, you will be able to avoid expensive airline baggage fees that could be put to use elsewhere on your trip.

If you’ve ever had to ride a bike that’s not your own, you’ll know it’s like sleeping in a bed that’s not your own; it just doesn’t feel right. Nothing can replace getting on your own bike and into your own snug saddle.

So when you ship your bike abroad, you’ll not have to worry about finding a rental bike abroad (these can be costly!) or getting an expensive bike fitting.

My Baggage ships to over 200 locations around the world. So no matter where your holiday, work or studying takes you, we will be able to provide a bike shipping service that won’t break the bank.

Need to contact us regarding an issue? Our friendly customer service team are available seven days a week. And we’re easy to reach by phone, email and live chat; we’re there when you need us most.

Who should use bike shipping?

Our bike shipping service is used by people of all ages and from all walks of life. Some customers go on cycling holidays and choose My Baggage to get their bicycles to a destination safely. Others are moving abroad for work and don’t fancy forking out a lot of money on a new bike, so they want their own bike shipped over to their new home. We also have many student customers who are about to embark on the most exciting adventure of their lives; studying abroad.

Regardless of why you’re going abroad, our bike shipping service is low-cost and reliable. And most importantly, we’ll make sure your bicycle arrives at the same time you do and in the same condition.

Is shipping my bike safe?


My Baggage ships personal items around the world daily, and we have got a hard-earned reputation for making sure your beloved possessions arrive safely and on time.

We’ve travelled 199,695,114 miles across the world, so it’s fair to say that after clocking up that many miles, we know how to look after your bike. Our 100,000+ happy customers are shouting from the rooftops about how great My Baggage is. Check out what they have to say here.

From the moment we collect your bicycle until it’s delivered to you in your destination country, our couriers will handle your bike with care and respect.

We also offer Free Compensation Cover, which you can enhance to cover up to £1,000 for a small fee.

How much does it cost to ship my bike?

Every country is different and has its own set of customs and taxes rules. But as a general guideline, for example, you could ship your bicycle from the UK mainland to Spain starting at just £36. Shipping from the UK mainland to the mighty US of A starts from as little as £74.

Are you shipping a bicycle to Australia? We’ll have it with you in just four days, with prices starting from as little as £110.

How long does it take for my bike to be delivered to its destination?

The length of time it takes can vary a little, depending on where you’re sending it to. For example, if you’re sending your bicycle from the UK mainland to Spain, your bike could arrive there in just three days.

Are you sending your bicycle to Australia? We’ll have it delivered to you in just four days.

How to ship a bike

We’ve made bike shipping pretty straightforward. When sending your bicycle, it will need to be boxed up or placed in a bike travel case. Either a travel case or boxes can be picked up online for a relatively small price.

If you do not have a travel case, we recommend taking your bicycle to a local cycle shop where they can box it up and disassemble it if required for a small fee.

The box you use needs to fit within our normal size restrictions and can be sent through our standard services.

If you want to package your bike without the help of a cycling shop, here are the main things you’ll need to do:


  1. First, carefully prepare your bike for shipping.
  2. Next, consider buying a bicycle carrier case or bike box online, which will safeguard your bike from being damaged in transit.
  3. Use bubble wrap or crumpled up newspaper on all the important parts of your bicycle, attached to it using some parcel tape.
  4. Use an Allen key set to remove your bike pedals, handlebars, saddle (seat) and wheels. Wrap these carefully in bubble wrap or newspapers and hold them together with tape.
  5. Place your bicycle mainframe into the bicycle box.
  6. Place your protectively wrapped wheels into the box, allowing enough space and protective bubble wrap between your wheels and mainframe.
  7. Just like a jigsaw, find a comfy resting place for your saddle, handlebars and pedals in the bicycle box, ensuring metal from any of the parts is well wrapped and not touching any other parts.
  8. That’s it, as easy as that. If you’ve any old newspaper or bubble wrap left, fill in any empty space, which will stop your bicycle from moving around too much in transit.
  9. Close the box and tape it closed with your parcel tape.
  10. Add all of your printed labels to the box.
  11. Have a cup of tea; you’ve done great!
  12. We’ll come and collect your bicycle on the date you booked, and next time you see it, you’ll be in your destination country.

You can watch a video here on how to box up your bike.

Did you know?

Along with bicycles, you can also ship golf clubs and skis through our service.

Dimension Restrictions

There are dimensions restrictions when you are shipping a bike both within the UK and internationally. Unsurprisingly, space is at a premium on aeroplanes, so we’d advise you to get a measuring tape out and check your dimensions.

We have provided the information below, but please get in touch with our customer service team if you need to ask us any queries regarding dimensions or your bike’s packaging.

The restrictions to ship Worldwide are:

  • (length x width x height (cm) / 5000) must not equal more than 30 for standard fare
  • If it exceeds the above, the booking system will automatically calculate any extra charges for this.
  • There is an £/$/€80 fee if your item is over 120cm in any dimension.

If you are sending a bike within the UK (including Northern Ireland):

  • The longest length must not exceed 1.5m
  • Longest length + 2x (breadth + width) = No More Than 300cm

Does your bike exceed the dimensions stated above?

Please don’t panic; we can often get a custom quote; all you have to do is contact us directly here.

You can get a price, first getting a quote and then adding your item’s size to a booking to check if there are any additional fees.

How does My Baggage Work?

It’s as simple as it sounds.

Or as simple as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Book a collection on our website.
  2. Print out the labels supplied for your bicycle.
  3. Please sit back and wait for us to do the rest.

We will collect your items from anywhere in the UK and then deliver them to your hotel, club, course or home overseas at a very reasonable rate.

Even better, we also offer a generous 30kg/66lbs weight allowance, almost double what airlines permit.

Our Features

SMS Reminders

Full Tracking


Full Tracking Service

My Baggage customers love how they can track their bicycles from that first goodbye to the “Oh, hello there!” at your destination country.

Firstly, we will send you an SMS text message to remind you of the time and date of collection.

Secondly, you’ll be able to enjoy using our innovative tracking system that allows you to follow the progress of your bike on its journey.

Our easy-to-use system lets you track your bike from your inbox or our website’s ‘My Orders’ section.

You’ll enjoy total peace of mind and eliminate that worry we all experience when we’re waiting at the baggage carousel at the airport, praying that our items aren’t missing.

Save Money

When you are about to move abroad, go on holiday or study abroad, saving money is undoubtedly at the top of your list of priorities. After all, you’ll want to settle into your new home and enjoy the area without having to think about money. And bike shipping can save you money in more ways than one.

To begin with, you can avoid those often hefty excess baggage charges that can make a real dent in your savings. You see, bikes can be pretty heavy, and airlines are not always happy to assist you in transporting them. That is, of course, unless you pay a hefty fee.

Taking your bike means you will not need to hire or buy one when you reach your destination.

Bike Shipping Customs Information

You’ll be glad to know that goods do not pass through customs clearance when shipping within the EU. Which is excellent news for you because that means they’re not subject to import tax or duty and do not require declaration. However, when shipping outside of the EU, you are legally required to adhere to customs and declare your shipment.

Generally, My Baggage shipments clear customs promptly, free from duties and taxes, as most countries offer a generous duty-free allowance for personal effects. Don’t worry, though; My Baggage makes this process straightforward.

When you book with us, we will provide you with the appropriate customs documentation. Then, all you have to do is complete it, print, sign it and attach it to your shipment. If you have any questions along the way, we’re just a phone call, email or Live Chat away and will advise you on all aspects of the service. And don’t worry, we won’t take days (or weeks!) to reply to your emails; over the last three years, 92% of emails were answered within 2 hours.

Have a question? Just ask!

Why Choose My Baggage?

More than 100,000 customers have placed their trust in My Baggage. They’ve chosen us to transport their bicycles, personal effects, luggage, sporting goods, and more! We’ve earned a glowing reputation from our customers who appreciate how we make a confusing, frustrating, costly process quick, easy, and cost-effective. With My Baggage, you’ll have total peace of mind. And we promise it won’t break the bank either; you can enjoy lower fees to suit your budget. We believe that our efficiency and customer service are unrivalled.

At My Baggage, we like to keep things straightforward, and for you, that means there are no hidden fees or stealth charges. You won’t get any surprises from us, and our pricing is transparent; the price we quote is exactly what you will pay. Sometimes, you’ll have questions that need to be answered. Thankfully, as Europe’s number one shipping experts, we’ll be here to help you every step of the way.

It won’t just be your bike clocking up the miles; we’ll go the extra mile too.

We also offer;

  • Low-cost shipping to over 200 countries worldwide.
  • Convenient door to door collection and delivery services.
  • Fast transit times with express services available on many routes.
  • Full online luggage tracking with SMS and email notifications.
  • Dedicated customer support via phone, email and live chat.


So if you need to ship a bike within the UK or overseas, get a quick quote now!

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Very happy!

My luggage was collected within the time frame advised and delivered to it's destination in good condition and promptly. Very happy with the service l received. It makes my journey from one end of the country to the other, by plane and train, so much easier allowing me to make quick transfers.

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20 hours ago

Great service it saves me lugginng my…

Great service it saves me lugginng my suitcase on and off the train when I go to stay with my daughter.

Doreen Bennett
4 stars

20 hours ago

Fast, efficient but careless elected carrier (DHL)

Fast and efficient. However, the carrier (DHL in my case) was not very careful and some items came broken

5 stars

21 hours ago

Very professional currier to deal with

Very professional currier to deal with. My delicate Package arrived fast and in perfect condition. Thank you. Mary

5 stars

21 hours ago

Although it has its problems to arrive…

Although it had its problems to arrive on the time scheduled as thanks to Brexit and the new enforced customs checks my luggage was checked 3 timesin several points within the UK - their excellent customer service kept me on the loop at all times and I could really feel like my luggage was taking care and monitored its whereabouts. Very happy with the service

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Baggage arrived on time as promised

Baggage arrived on time as promised. Labels are hard to put on luggage unless you use tape and it is hard to stick on some types of fabric. However, everything went smoothly and we give My Baggage 5 stars.

Arlene Willis
5 stars

2 days ago

I always have had amazing service from…

I always have had amazing service from my baggage. The only time I had a problem was because of the regulations of Spain but from Ireland to the UK and from London to Scotland I had an amazing service!

Erica De Carvalho
4 stars

2 days ago

Works as Intended but with many Limitations

The experience overall was good, and my complaints do not really lie at the feet of My Luggage. It's more about the restrictions and limitations to what you can actually put in your luggage (basically just clothes and toys, no electronics, expensive items, food, or money.) Also, my hardshell suitcase that I had used was almost completely destroyed which is more the fault of DHL. Luckily all of my belongings were fine. The process of listing and pricing everything in your luggage and then weighing it is pretty annoying but again not the fault of My Luggage. Knowing all of the limitations you'll have this service was pretty good. Everything came in on-time and the pickup/dropoff was easy.

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Great experience

Great experience, shipping from Spain to Netherlands took 5 days (with a previous company took over 1 month). The process from end to end was simple, no complications, recommended.

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Really Happy with MyBaggage

Really Happy with MyBaggage. Another good experience. Speedy responses from Customer Service who were always helpful. Also the fact that DHL picked up my bags and delivered them is a huge bonus as I felt sure that my bags/Boxes would be in good hands and delivered on time. And they were! The only thing I was worried about was packing right as many items are prohibited under the label "Liquids"

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Safe and fast

The company is great! I had to send a suitcase from Los Angeles to France and it was really easy to do. My baggage sent a delivery company to my U.S. position to pick up the suitcase and delivered it to my French address in no more than 4 days. The suitcase was not damaged during the travel. Really good experience !

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Very easy to book package. Email with details for tracking and then another to confirm delivery. Have used this service many times.

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