Uni BFFs are BFFs for life…

They’ve seen you at your best and most definitely at your worst. You’ve made some pretty significant memories in the short time you’ve known each other.

You share stories, you share clothes, you share food, you’ve shared a bed. People assume you’re either siblings or a couple.

Come to think of it… there’s a slight chance you may be a little too close…

30 Signs You And Your Uni BFF Are Way Too Close

1. You call at each other’s rooms unannounced and either have a nap or just hang out without speaking. And it’s weirdly not weird at all.

2. You have shared a single bed.

3. And spooned.

4. You have peed in front of each other.

5. You’ve seen each other naked. A lot.

6. You don’t need to wear clothes in each other’s company any more.

7. If they can’t be bothered going to class, neither can you.

8. You’ve picked up each other’s slang words and accents.

9. There have been too many drunken emotional breakdowns to count.

10. You speak to each other’s family members regularly and they LOVE you. You text your BFF’s mother all the time.

mom your mom dancing

11. You end up wearing matching outfits unintentionally.

someone outfit

12. You’re really good at picking out a person that you know they will fancy and you’ll do this weird suggestive eyebrow gesture to let them know.

13. You can communicate with each other without using any words. A single look will suffice.

unimpressed saved by the bell suspicious the look kelly kapowski

14. You hate all the same people. In fact, you hate everyone together.

15. You screenshot flirty texts and send them to each other and laugh/discuss how to reply.

16. Being away from each other during the holidays is physically painful.

17. People have asked if you are more than friends.

18. The answer is obvs no…but there was this one weird time…


19. Your stories always start with ‘remember when’ and then you both descend into a fit of laughter. You don’t even need a punchline.

20. You’ve laughed so hard together that you have/ come close to wetting yourself.

21. You have an infinite supply of ‘in-jokes’ and everyone around you is so sick of it.

22. You wear each other’s clothes and forget the item belongs to the other person.

23. You know each other’s uni schedule back to front and where they are at any given minute on any given day.

24. You send each other ugly pics just coz.

25. You know WAY too much about each other’s pasts.

26. And each other’s entire relationship and sexual history.

27. You use swear words to greet each other and if you’re in the mood, you can have whole conversations just using insults.

steve carell animated GIF

28. You’ve had some seriously intense Facebook stalking sessions together.

29. You spend a lot of time staring at each other/making weird faces at each other/talking in strange voices.

30. You have a song and when it drops in the club, dem bishes better move out your way.

Best Fwends Forever!

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