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The BEST Student Discount Sites – 10 You Need To Know

The biggest perk to being a student is of course student discount. Here is our list of some of the BEST student discount sites you need to know. Continue reading

10 Tips To Plan Your Perfect Honeymoon

A honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime trip. This is not just another holiday; it is THEE HOLIDAY. You want everything to be perfect and without mistakes. We cannot assure you that something won’t go wrong, but we can help you save … Continue reading

Top 10 Tips for Eco-Friendly Travel

To celebrate Earth Day we thought we would pick our top 10 tips for eco-friendly travel. These ten practical tips will help ensure you stay eco-conscious, whilst enjoying the trip of a lifetime. 1. Move over plastic bag, hello reusable … Continue reading

20 Things every expat should know about Australia before living there

Australia is a popular location for expats to move to. This English speaking country with guaranteed sunshine and laid back lifestyle appeal to both students and professionals alike. But what is life really like down under? We’ve put together 20 … Continue reading

What To Bring To College – The ULTIMATE College Packing List

What To Bring To College! The ULTIMATE College Packing List by My Baggage! Your academic future is shining brightly on the horizon and it literally feels like your whole life has been leading up to this very moment. The prospect … Continue reading