Wondering who and what to expect from Freshers Week? Here are the 19 types of people you will meet in your first week at uni!

1. The Mum

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Whether it’s an antibacterial gel or a pack of tissues you need, the Mum has got you covered. She’ll take you home after a messy night out and make sure you’re on time for your 9 AM. The Mum is a friend for life, keep her around!

2. The Borrower


Coming to uni with a single fork and two pairs of pants, the borrower is far from prepared. Watch out for your cheese and milk… You might find that they disappear sooner than you would expect with the borrower around.

3. The Cheapskate

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The cheapskate. This one is practically the cousin of the borrower. They refuse to spend a dime unless there’s a 20% student discount involved. You’ll notice how they never pay you back for that Uber ride or the extra drink they promised you.

4. The Workaholic

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You imaged yourself receiving endless free meals and drinks since your new flatmate got a part-time job. However, the reality of this is very different. You never see the workaholic, ever. Then if, for some miraculous reason you do, they are so tired from work that they don’t have any time to hang out with you anyway!

5. The Best Friends

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They’ve just met and yet somehow they already have 5 friendship bracelets and have planned their summer holiday to Marbella.

6. The Procrastinator

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No one knows how he even got into uni. He turns up to 2 lectures a term and hasn’t started his essay that is due at 4 today. There is one thing he’s mastered though, and that is – ‘the art of napping’.

7. The Lad

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Just got back from a cheeky Nando’s with the boys, he’s always up for a good time. The lad is the first one on the dance floor and the last one to leave the kebab shop. He’s a solid mate to have, I’d keep him around if I were you.

8. The Neat Freak

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Whose stuff is this on the side? Can you move it, please! The neat freak is your best friend and your worst enemy. They’ll drive you insane with their nagging but you’ll thank them in the long run; if it weren’t for them, your flat would be a pig-sty!

9. The ‘Gap Yah’

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One piece of advice: don’t try and compete with the gap yah kid. They have a story to top everyone’s. You’ve been surfing in Cornwall? They went surfing in Morocco. You’ve volunteered at a charity shop? They trekked Mount Everest for charity – 3 times. Do you like chocolate? They invented it.

10. The Dealer

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He can get you anything, anytime. Enough said.

11. The Mummy’s Boy

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When he’s not sobbing on the phone to his mum, he’s telling you stories of the baking they used to do. He doesn’t have a clue how to do his washing and he hasn’t cooked a meal in his life. This mummy’s boy was not made for the uni life! No not at all.

12. The Hermit

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You think you have a 6th roommate but no one is sure. There were rumours she entered the kitchen one dark Sunday morning but that could be a myth. She’s not the greatest addition to the flat but on the bright side, at least she doesn’t take up any cupboard space.

13. The BNOC (Big Name On Campus)

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Now this is a friend you need to hold on to. He knows everyone and everything. You can’t walk down the street with him without stopping 239470 times to chat to all his mates. The BNOC is the true man, myth and legend.

14. The Couple

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They met in high school and of course ended up at the same uni, ‘by accident’. They are inseparable and sickly but also kind of cute. Just watch out for the breakup! Things could get messy.

15. The Fake Friend


She’s your best friend for fresher’s week then you don’t see her again. Her Facebook picture changes every week to feature a new friend and she loves a good gossip! Don’t worry, this one isn’t worth holding onto.

16. The Hottie

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You’ve caught glimpses of this beautiful stranger everywhere but you just can’t find out his name. Just wait until you see him in the club! That bottle of wine will give you the Dutch courage you need to woo him!

17. The Repeater

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If you need any tips, this is the guy to go to. He’s done the first year at least 3 times and is the resident expert in everything.

18. The Teacher’s Pet

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The teacher’s pet is every uni student’s worst nightmare. He completed the reading list before you had even been accepted. If we can give you one piece of advice, it’s to befriend the teacher’s pet. He may be annoying but trust us, he’ll help out big time when youâ’re too hungover to attend your 9 AM!

19. The Note Writer

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Passive-aggressive notes are her speciality. Did you leave your milk out of the fridge? Haven’t cleared up after pre-drinks? Missed the bin when you threw away your tissue? She’s seen it and you better believe she’s not happy. Expect an angrily worded letter under your door within the hour. We’ll be praying for you.

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