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My Baggage- Shipping 4 2019-11-09
I think there should be more specific details regarding customs clearance at destination and the required paperwork needed, plus a sample of paperwork before you get to booking and payment section. Your site tells you to contact your local customs for further details. Surely your company should be informed on what customs paperwork is required and if items are dutiable or not. I suggest you show a section in advance of payment at start of of process what paperwork is required. Otherwise I think your site is excellent but not fully informed.
Edward Downey, Sat 9th Nov 2019
My Baggage- Shipping 4 2019-11-08
Great service but one piece of luggage was damages
Mr Hussain, Fri 8th Nov 2019
My Baggage- Shipping 5 2019-11-07
A first class service which I would recommend for anybody to use I will certainly use the company again
.chris, Thu 7th Nov 2019
My Baggage- Shipping 5 2019-11-07
Very Efficient Service no hiccups at all!!
David, Thu 7th Nov 2019
My Baggage- Shipping 5 2019-11-07
I have been using My Baggage, formally 'Unibaggage' whom I have used for the past 7yrs and not once, have I had a problem with the picking up and delivering both ways. They are always on time and I would not use anyone else for me they have been brilliant. I am just about to use their services again today. As far as I am concerned they deserve the 5* rating.. Excellent!
Teresa Sargent, Thu 7th Nov 2019
My Baggage- Shipping 5 2019-11-06
Very good service. I was able to change my pickup collection date freely and easily with them. Dylan was very helpful. Had my suitcase delivered from UK to NZ within 4 days. Great service with good tracking functionalities. I will be using again. Phll
Phill Wright, Wed 6th Nov 2019
My Baggage- Shipping 5 2019-11-05
This is an excellent service. Does exactly what it says it would on the website. I am really happy to have everything run so smoothly and will therefore always used them again. Wendy
Wendy Jackson, Tue 5th Nov 2019
My Baggage- Shipping 5 2019-11-05
Literally the most effective service there is when it comes to delivering bags. Actually cannot believe how cheap and easy this was. Will be using this again!
Jessica Beaumont, Tue 5th Nov 2019
My Baggage- Shipping 5 2019-11-05
Excellent service.
Dania David, Tue 5th Nov 2019
My Baggage- Shipping 5 2019-11-04
My Parcel was picked up Wednesday 30th,and delivered to my Daughter in Australia Today. Had I sent it Monday she would have had it Wednesday or Thursday but weekend got in the way. I've been sending out these large boxes for 6 years now, 2 per year, using another company, and hands down MyBaggage has been the best experience to date. and slightly cheaper...
Jerry Mallett, Mon 4th Nov 2019
My Baggage- Shipping 5 2019-11-02
Thanks so much for delivering it all safely and on time .
CollectPlus customer, Sat 2nd Nov 2019
My Baggage- Shipping 5 2019-11-02
Fast, efficient service. Baggage even arrived a day earlier from UK to Australia. Would 100% reccomend.
NB, Sat 2nd Nov 2019
My Baggage- Shipping 5 2019-11-02
A consistent first class service.
david, Sat 2nd Nov 2019
My Baggage- Shipping 5 2019-11-01
After a stressful and almost traumatising experience with a previous shipment company, I found MyBaggage after extensive research online. I had to send my things from Berlin to Nice as quickly as possible and MyBaggage's Customer Service Team were seriously amazing. Quick, calm and beyond professional is not even enough to just describe who I was communicating with on their LiveChat! KAYLEIGH was a blessing. She assured me every step of the way and even went above and beyond to follow up while she wasn't working with her amazing colleague SAMANTHA. Both should be seriously proud. This was my first time ever to send luggages and boxes from one city to another and these wonderful ladies were so helpful and kind. Their partner DHL were actually 1 day ahead of schedule and although only 2/4 baggages were with the courier man, they were on time the next day. Smooth and hassle free, I felt so sure that I wouldn't have to chase and be worried. I would definitely recommend MyBaggage to anyone who needs a professional company to handle your move. Worth the money and the time. Don't look elsewhere! And if you do happen to have your shipment handled by either Samantha or Kayleigh, well then, you are so very lucky. These women know what they are doing and truly have what it takes and beyond. Seriously A+ service from A to Z! Great job!
Suzy Nader, Fri 1st Nov 2019
My Baggage- Shipping 5 2019-10-31
First time I’ve used this company and was a bit apprehensive about it but fantastic service! It meant I didn’t have to take my case on train , tube then another train before I went on holiday. I was flying from Stanstead with family who live in Hertfordshire and it made such a difference to me. Certainly recommend it and I will definitely use again .
Customer m pollard, Thu 31st Oct 2019
My Baggage- Shipping 5 2019-10-30
Relocated to Spain for under £250. My Baggage moved 7 big heavy boxes of mine from London to Malaga in 4 days. I was quoted £1800 and a delivery time of 2/3 weeks by removal services. You have to pack your boxes well and pad everything so contents can't move - unlike removers, who presumably handle your items with more care, My Baggage use couriers so boxes/bags will see some impact. However, everything in my boxes arrived intact. Really glad I found My Baggage:)
Kayvan Mojarrad, Wed 30th Oct 2019
My Baggage- Shipping 5 2019-10-30
Great service from door to door.
Louise , Wed 30th Oct 2019
My Baggage- Shipping 5 2019-10-30
Used to send my heavy suitcase from Spain to UK when I relocated. It was delivered quicker than expected and I was able to track the status along the way. The service was cheaper than checking in my baggage at the airport and much more convenient. I’ve also used the service domestically in the UK and everything went very smoothly. Highly recommend.
Paul, Wed 30th Oct 2019
My Baggage- Shipping 4 2019-10-29
The timing was good. The boxes were a bit broken, but most things didn't break, just a few glasses.The TV was working perfectly. I was informed of when they would pick it up and when they were coming to deliver.
Lucia Cerda, Tue 29th Oct 2019
My Baggage- Shipping 5 2019-10-29
Very fast and well organised
Rosa , Tue 29th Oct 2019