You learn so much more at University than what’s on your course syllabus.

You learn how to live a responsible, independent adult life (kind of) and acquire an array of essential life skills which will see you into the future…

33 Life Skills You Acquire At University

1. How to strategically dodge people with promotional flyers in the street.

YoungerTV bye tv land shade younger

2. How to get ready for a night out in less than 30 minutes.

drunk makeup oops nicolas cage nicholas cage

3. And how to get ready for class in less than 5 minutes. 

disney hair pretty ariel the little mermaid

4. How to cook a meal using a few dishes as possible to avoid washing up.

beyonce cooking breakfast domestic

5. How to not shudder every time you drink Glenn’s Vodka.

gross vomit disgusting barf

6. How to use Google and Wikipedia effectively to write an essay that doesn’t 100% sound like it’s been copied and pasted.

adam sandler smart genius lesson billy madison

7. How to convince your parents to lend you a bit more cash because you’ve spent all yours on ‘books’ and ‘food’ and ‘transport’.

please sarah paulson begging american crime story beg

8. If you put anything in the oven for 20 minutes at 200 degrees, it will cook.

pizza chef cereal ghetto

9. The art of nodding and pretending you understand something in a lecture when you absolutely don’t.

smile orange is the new black okay nod oh yeah

10. How to accept 40% as a decent enough grade.

reactions shrug meh shrugging

11. How to find the events where you get free food.

tv comedy pizza text eddie

12. How to make a fancy dress costume out of very limited resources.

cat costume magic carpet the real aladdin

13. How to calculate the exact percentage of classes you must attend before being struck off for poor attendance.

thinking think grace helbig

14. You can easily run out of money for food but you will never run out of money for alcohol.


15. £3 for a box of cereal is daylight robbery but £3 for a vodka and Redbull is the bargain of the century.

graphics singer gold throwback tori kelly

16. How to plan classes around naps.

17. How to make it look like your taking notes in class when you’re Snapchatting.

class weird eye texting

18. How to fall asleep basically anywhere.

And how to nap almost anywhere.


19. How to leave an essay to the very last minute.

reaction scared scream screaming the lion king

20. How to cram an entire semester’s syllabus into a day.

american idol panic microphone maddy middleton

21. How to get up and go to a lecture after two hours sleep.

scary sleeping disturbing waking up

22. You can always push the bin down further if you try hard enough.

Mic congratulations congrats video sex

23. Being an adult never feels like what you thought being an adult would feel like.

dog space confused zero gravity i have no idea what im doing

24. How to watch four episodes of Come Dine With Me in a row and avoid life responsibilities.

Room tv room the movie watching tv jacob tremblay

25. How to have a great night out on a tenner.

money shut up cash rich dollar

26. It’s best to live in ignorance and not look at your bank balance until your card is declined.

ross fine david schwimmer ross gellar im fine

27. How to live comfortably in an overdraft.

eminem im fine frasi im okay phraes

28. Anything can be used as an excuse to skip class.

tired wednesday nap kandi burruss kandi

29. Anything can be used as an excuse to drink.

Yosub keeping up with the kardashians kuwtk congratulations congrats

30. You can eat anything with pasta.

Girls on HBO eating marnie michaels allison williams pasta

31. You can put curry sauce/barbecue sauce on anything.

food rupauls drag race delicious dancing

32. How to wear an item of clothing four – five times before washing it.

gross ew eww grossed out reactions

33. Use by dates on food can be flexible.

Amy Schumer HBO hbo amy schumer gross ew


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