Sitting down to write a university essay is a painful experience…

After weeks and weeks of “I’ll start tomorrow”, your essay deadline is fast approaching and there’s not enough time left to avoid it any longer. Cue the emotional breakdown.

 22 Stages Of Writing A University Essay, As Told By Leslie Knope

1. You suddenly realise how close your deadlines actually are.

2. If only it was all just a terrible dream…

3. But unfortunately, there is no escaping this.

4. You turn to your uni friends for emotional support.

5. But instead they just imply that you should have started writing weeks ago.

6. And then you overhear someone on your course say they finished theirs weeks ago.

7. Your deadline is getting closer and closer, but you’re struggling to put together a plan, nevermind an introduction.

8. So you end up procrastinating it just a little bit longer.

9. Then the night before the deadline approaches and you STILL haven’t started, so your life feels a little bit like:

10. So you weigh up your options and consider dropping out there and then.

11. But you eventually decide to snap out of it and get your ass into gear.

12. You try to motivate yourself.

13. You even go to the library for some inspiration, but arrive only to discover every seat is taken.

14. And you can’t help but feel annoyed at everyone and everything.

15. There are a lot of things you would say to your essay if it were a real person.

16. Your parents call to ask how you’re doing and you’re just like:

17. Truthfully, you only have one coping mechanism through this tough time.

18. You make desperate attempts to fill the word count in any way that you can.

19. But then when you attempt to proof-read your essay, doubt starts to seep in…

20. You’re a little bitter when you proof-read your friend’s essay for them.

21. But you decide you’re better off not questioning yourself.

22. Because there’s nothing more you can do, and you manage to submit it just minutes before the deadline.



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