1) Glaswegians are friendly – like crazy.

They may just be the friendliest bunch of people you will ever come across. Be it the old lady at the bus stop who’ll tell you her whole life story, the shop assistant in the local Tesco that remembers what you study at Uni and asks how you are doing or that person who could clearly tell I was so lost on my first day and basically gave a guided tour of Glasgow. They don’t make them much better than the Glaswegians that’ for sure.

people make glasgow

People really do make Glasgow

2) Glaswegians, and Scots in general, are insanely proud:

Being from a small country myself (Denmark has just over five million people) I am not unfamiliar with a small country syndrome where you realize you have to stand proud for your country because there are only so many of you. Glaswegians pride themselves on their heritage and their culture and it’s evident in everything that they do however

3) They don’t wear kilts all the time:

Yes they are very proud Scotsmen and yes they do wear kilts for birthday parties, weddings and even football games but they do not wear kilts on a regular everyday basis which is really quite disappointing as a foreigner because I was hoping they would.


If that isn’t beautiful, I don’t know what is!

4) Irn Bru is life:

Another aspect of scottish life that they hold very dear is Irn Bru. Before setting foot in Scotland, I’d never even heard of Irn Bru, so for those of you who are wondering what this is let me explain it quite simply – Irn Bru is the orange liquid I have no doubt the gods drink. I have taken to Irn Bru as a fish to water and embraced it with the same love the Scottish people do. This goes back to the pride aspect because Irn Bru is Scottish. Fun Fact is that Scotland is one of the only countries in the world where Coca Cola is not the best selling soda brand, and that is purely because of Irn Bru.

irn bru

As if the drink isn’t brilliant enough on it own, check out the van “The Bru must get thru” (and look up their adverts – pure brilliance)

5) Haggis is actually quite nice:

Looking back at pre-Scotland me, I had the reaction to Haggis that properly most people do; “That’s made of what now? No thank you” BUT after a trip to the highlands where I was feeling particularly Scottish, I was pushed into trying it and it is actually surprisingly good. Try and forget what it is and just enjoy it – be it with potatoes or on pizza – the opportunities are endless.


6) Ceilidh’s are the best! 

I don’t think I will ever fully enjoy a party that does not feature a ceilidh again because they are absolutely brilliant! I don’t understand why ceilidh’s aren’t a worldwide phenomenon but I plan on doing my best to at least introduce it in Denmark – everyone should really experience a Ceilidh once.

7) The rain never stops:

Being from Denmark I thought I knew bad weather before moving to Scotland – I was wrong! There are actual months of just non-stop raining to the point where you actually just get used to it and you do not realize how bad it is until you go home for a bit and realize there are such a thing as days without rain


8) Bagpipes have a certain charm:

Before moving to Scotland bagpipes meant nothing more to me than noise and that instrument Ross tried to learn for Monica’s wedding, however, being exposed to it as much you are when living in Scotland it will grow on you and I actually find it very charming now and even get a bit emotional when the flower of Scotland is played with bagpipes before sporting events.


Bagpipes, kilts and rain – it does not get much more Scottish than this! (This is the Red Hot Chilli pipers at the Glasgow Mela 2014 – check them out, absolutely brilliant)

9) There is nothing like a Glaswegian crowd:

Glaswegians are proud, passionate and party-minded people. This makes for the best combination in crowds at any major event from concerts to football games. They will chant and clap and jump and dance through it all and it makes for the best nights and experiences. Glasgow has effectively ruined concerts anywhere else for me because nothing tops a Glaswegian crowd.

one republic

Crowd at the One Republic concert at the 02 Academy

10) It is just the greatest city you can imagine:

Yes it rains a lot and it is pretty cold, pretty much the whole year but that is really the worst thing I can say about Glasgow and for what it lacks in weather it definitely makes up for in friendly faces and ceilidh’s.



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