You’re supposed to learn stuff at university. It’s the whole point.

But if you’re a student, you’ll know that the most important lessons you learn at uni don’t come from a textbook or a lecture or even Wikipedia. No, no, no. The most valuable lessons go a little something like this:

1. You’re basically paying £9,000 a year so that a person in a suit can read slides out loud to you.

Tommy John college teacher shake it off professor

2. “This book is required” – This is the greatest lie ever told.

cough tv reactions lies bullshit

3. It is possible to go out with £20, get blind drunk and wake up the next morning with £18 in your pocket.

snakes miracle it's a miracle

4. You should not question it when the above happens.

5. Toilet roll is as precious as gold.

cat kitten bathroom toilet paper

6. Getting 40% in an assignment can feel as good as getting 100%.

school test yeah education university


7. You’re not as good at your chosen subject as you thought you were.

reaction 90s stupid maura tierney newsradio

8. Only dicks turn their noses up at the reduced section in Tesco. 

90s sexy girl fashion hot

9. Never turn down free food.

bridesmaids rebel wilson sure free food its free

10. Or free drinks. Or free anything.

11. The people you first make friends with during Freshers Week will turn out to be weirdos and you probably won’t talk to them after October.

the simpsons simpsons scared homer simpson nervous

12. There are a lot of weirdos out there.

13. Group work was created by the devil himself, as a punishment for every bad thing, youve ever done in your life.

14. You can teach yourself an entire year’s syllabus in one week.

kanye west genius

15. Procrastination is a skill. You should have done a degree in it.

writing procrastinating bojack horseman bojack fonts

16. You will never actually know how to reference. There’s no point even trying to learn.

oprah advice oprah winfrey spirituality dont waste your time

17. Saying ‘fuck it’ does not make things better. It will in fact make your life infinitely worse.

reporter quit fuck it

18. You can make a meal out of anything.

cooking chef swedish chef

19. This is the ultimate time-saver before a night out.

20. Shots only ever lead to nudity. Or vomiting.

Sisters movie film comedy no

21. Smileys and fish fingers = a well-balanced diet.

food weird amy poehler tina fey healthy

22. You arrive with a full set of cutlery and leave with one single spoon.

cold snow frozen parody mash up

23. You will genuinely consider becoming a stripper as a career path, at least once.

Yosub movie shirtless magic mike xxl abs

24. You will see people in your exams that you never once saw in your lectures.

meryl streep the devil wears prada miranda priestly devil wears prada who are you

25. People that can make their student loans last are liars.

liar tv nickelodeon drake and josh lying

26. 9 am lectures. Lol. Funny.

fashion audrey hepburn monday breakfast audrey

27. An iron is a totally unnecessary item.

Cheezburger pun movies celebrities memes

28. Reading week should be renamed “watching Netflix in pyjamas week.”

amy schumer eating alone watching tv

29. You will never feel like you have your shit together.

chelsea handler chelsea lately mess im a mess

30. And finally… My Baggage will make your life one billion times easier.

Ok, maybe we’re a bit bias…


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