It’s exam season.

The stages of surviving university exam season has its similarities to surviving an episode of Game of Thrones. Let’s hope you know a little more than Jon Snow…

1. It starts with denial.

2. Exam season is months away! You still have loads of time.

Plenty of time to binge-watch another season of Game Of Thrones…

3. Then in the blink of an eye, your exams are suddenly a week away.

4. And you haven’t opened a single book.

5. That means it’s time to stop avoiding revision.

6. But that’s pretty tough to do when you sit on the throne of procrastination.

7. You’re really not fooling anyone.

8. You start to question whether you’ve actually learned anything this year.

9. Or whether you’ve learned anything academic at university at all, EVER.

10. During exam season, you can never fully take a break to enjoy yourself because every second you’re not revising is a second that is ridden with guilt.

11. You have absolutely no time for course-mates who like to talk about how organised and prepared they are.

12. Because whenever someone asks how your revision is going, you no longer hold back your true feelings.

13. But you always feel a little better when your friend says, “I haven’t started yet either.”

14. Every time your parents call to see how you’re doing, they love to remind you that you should have started your revision earlier.

15. At this point, you only have one coping mechanism.

16. And you come very close to accepting defeat.

17. But there’s no turning back now.

18. You are determined to pass these exams.

19. But opening your first exam and reading the first question has you feeling like:

20. You definitely should have started revision earlier.

21. But when it’s all over, it didn’t seem to go as badly as you anticipated.

22. And you realise if you can survive exam season at university, you can survive anything.

Except maybe be-headings, Red Weddings and White Walkers.



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