20 Times You Wanted To Punch University Right In the Face

University – you’re having the time of your life, whilst simultaneously experiencing multiple mental breakdowns.

As much as being a university student is fun and exciting, it’s also stressful and half the time you don’t know whether to laugh or cry out of pure frustration.

So, as the end of term is fast approaching, we thought we’d take a lighthearted lookback at all the most annoying things that happen at university.

15 Times You Wanted To Punch University Right In The Face

1. When you force yourself to get out of bed for a 9am lecture, walk the whole way to university, only to find out that the class has been cancelled.

CraveTV angry scream alison brie frustrated

2. When you miss one class and it turns out to be the only class that the lecturer doesn’t upload to Blackboard.

This place is drivin" me NUTS, man!!! -KF

3. When it turns out that you only have to sit one exam. But that exam is on a Saturday.

4. When you’re told that you need to buy every book on your reading list but get to the end of the year without opening even one of them.

5. When there’s only one copy of the book your entire class needs in the library.

Cheezburger celebrities memes olympics rage

6. When your halls thinks 4am is the perfect time for a fire alarm.

rage tv

7. When you only have five lecturers per week but they’re all 9am starts.

Charlie Mcdonnell

8. When you get set group work alongside the most useless students on your course.

9. When the lecturer complains about low attendance to the people who actually showed up.

phone annoyed nicolas cage smh smdh

10. When you get your final Student Loan installment two weeks before uni ends.

11. When a lecturer just doesn’t show up.

12. When you end up spending more time on the bibliography than you did on the essay.

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13. When you pulled an all nighter to complete and assignment and then your lecturer decides to extend the deadline.

14. When this happens


15. When you walk the whole way to the library, manage to find a seat and then realise you forgot your headphones.

16. When your lecturer could not give a shit.


17. When the only topic you didn’t revise forms about 80% of your exam paper.

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18. When the module you chose turns out to be weighted on one damn exam.

19. When you only have a couple of exams, but they’re all scheduled for the same damn day.

20. When your friends say they haven’t revised either but then pull out 15798 pages of detailed notes.


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