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Pants on fire…

33 Lies All Procrastinating Students Have Told Themselves

1. I’ve got loads of time to revise.

britney spears lie false untrue no

2. I can’t start revising yet, I don’t have all the stuff I need.

weird cake sarcastic lie upsetting

3. Once I get organised and make a revision timetable, I’ll be able to do loads of revision.

catch me if you can movie scared leonardo dicaprio steven spielberg

4. There’s no way I can revise in a messy room.

liar lying season 1 scream queens 1x12

5. Having a nap will make me more productive. I’ll be able to study more if I’m well rested.

patrick spongebob squarepants sneaky planning plotting

6. I’m going to stay off social media until after my exams.

full house eye roll michelle tanner oh please reaction

7. I’m going to eat super healthy to fuel my brain.

whatever eye roll pink hair yeah right drinking

8. I can’t force myself to study. I need to wait for inspiration to strike.

drunk whatever eye roll sex and the city satc

9. You can’t really ‘revise’ for the exams I have.

bored unbreakable kimmy schmidt whatever tituss burgess titus andromedon

10. I’ll do loads of work this weekend.

Girls on HBO whatever eye roll allison williams girls hbo

11. I’ll wake up super early and revise all day tomorrow.

New Girl fox winston eyeroll newgirl

12. I’m just going to check my phone and then I’ll start revising.

the sopranos bullshit uncle junior

13. That bit probably won’t come up.

Yosub rhoa real housewives of atlanta bullshit bs

14. There’s no point reading text books now. I’ll just get confused and stressed.

Beamly US funny bad girls club bgc realitytvgifs

16. There’s no point in looking a past papers – those questions won’t come up again.

scrubs boyfriend truth call ex

17. An essay plan is just a waste of time.

what laughing meryl streep emily blunt the devil wears prada

18. I don’t need to go to the library early to find a seat. There will be loads of space.

reactions true blood eric northman eye roll come on

19. I actually think I get less done in the library.

tv reactions smh eyeroll roll eyes

20. I’m just going to put Netflix on for background noise as I study.

CraveTV tina fey annoyed smh annoying

21. I deserve a break.

22. Just one more episode.

23. If I fail this exam it won’t affect my grade too much.

New Girl fox zooey deschanel eye roll jess

24. Want to go revise in the library with me? We’ll get more done if we study together.

Justin reaction reactions whatever sarcastic

25. I’m not going out tonight.

nicki minaj american idol eyeroll yeah right

26. Just one drink.

supernatural dean winchester bitch please yeah right

27. I can have fun tonight and still be productive tomorrow. I don’t really get hangovers anyway.

jennifer lawrence queue okay reaction s sure

28. I really don’t need a first for the job I want to do.

girl yeah stop right whatever

29. It doesn’t even matter what you get in your degree.

reactions hate eye roll sarcastic bitch please

30. There’s no point in cramming now. It will just stress me more. It’s better to be slightly underprepared but relaxed.

prince bitch please say what? are you serious?

31. I’ll revise harder for the next exam.

reactions please bitch eye roll freaks and geeks

32. I’ll go to every class and do really well next semester.

rhony real housewives of new york city dorinda medley real houswives of nyc did you say that

33. I’m not procrastinating, I’m just taking a break.

britney spears are you kidding me for real joking kidding


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