A lot of things happen in final year of university.

It feels like just yesterday that you were walking onto campus for the first time as an innocent fresher. Now all of a sudden you’re in final year and everything just seems to be happening all at once. The impending doom of graduate life is just on the horizon…

Here are 24 things that happen in the final year, as told by FRIENDS.

1. You promise to make your last ever Fresher’s Week count – and not spend your entire student loan instalment in one go and drink yourself into oblivion.

2. But that fails and you quickly discover you’re just not cut out for that lifestyle/too old to drink that much anymore.

3. You suddenly realise you’re now one of the elders.

4. After years of practice, you can confidently confirm that you have mastered the art of procrastination.

5. In final year, you suddenly become very acquainted with the library.

6. Because thanks to your dissertation, you can never fully relax.

7. And it doesn’t take you long to become a library militant.

8. If it wasn’t already, coffee quickly becomes your life support.

9. Everyone suddenly becomes an emotional wreck in final year.

And you are definitely not excluded from this.

10. And weekly dissertation-induced mini-breakdowns are inevitable.

11. Although, when your parents ask how it’s going, you’ve mastered that ‘everything’s going great’ cover-up.

12. But thankfully, being in final year means you finally have a well established, solid group of friends by your side.

13. They will sometimes do things that will majorly piss you off…

14. But no matter what, they’ll be there for you.

‘When the rain starts to pour… ‘

15. You’ve all been there long enough to know exactly where the best nights out happen.

As well as knowing exactly where to avoid.

16. You finally feel that after a few years of living independently, you’ve actually gained a few life skills.

17. And you might even be able to cook a decent meal or two.

18. You’ll never fully admit that you still heavily rely on your parents from time to time…

19. But it’s okay because you’re totally motivated to apply for graduate jobs.

20. Then it hits you – you’re actually LEAVING university soon.

21. Suddenly, you revert right back to not knowing what you’re doing with your life.

22. But once your exams are over and you’ve handed in your dissertation, you party harder than you have ever partied before because YOU DID IT.


23. Then the time comes to move out of your student house and it’s super, super emotional.

24. And of course, you have to pack up all your crap.

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25. And you realise that even after all of the trials and tribulations, you had the time of your life and you wouldn’t change it for the world.

26. Goodbye student life, hello graduate life.

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