Aaah, being a medical student…

You still get hungry during anatomy and you’re not quite sure of the difference between being awake and being asleep anymore.

You’re definitely a medical student, and these 19 things are way too real…

1. Medical Student Syndrome is a very real thing.


You have definitely “diagnosed” yourself with every disease known to man.

2. You also can’t help but “diagnose” everyone around you.


3. But if someone genuinely asks you what is wrong with them, you realise you actually know nothing. So you pretend you know what you’re talking about, and just tell them to take some aspirin.


Works every time.

4. You can’t watch any medical-related TV shows without pointing out all of the medical errors.


Surprise, surprise – no one wants to watch anything medical-related with you.

5. You’re afraid to go to your own doctor for your ailments, and if you do you definitely do not admit that you are a medical student.


6. You need to plan everything for about 10 years in advance.


What do you mean go out for a spontaneous lunch date? What the hell does spontaneous mean? Is that a real word?

7. You have the ability to stay awake beyond what is humanly possible.


Thanks to your good old friend, caffeine.

8. A 9 am start actually becomes a lie-in.


9. And this is your reaction every time a non-medical student complains about their 9 am start being too early.


10. How you feel every time you remember you are actually a real-life person who is on call and doing night-shifts and you’re not even getting paid for it:


11. While you’re spending 938493493 years in education, your non-medical friends around you are graduating, getting jobs with real paychecks, getting married, travelling the world and having kids…


12. People think that you’re arrogant about your field of study and that’s why you talk about it all of the time – but it’s actually because you genuinely don’t have anything else to talk about.


13. Qualified doctors ignore your existence.


14. You neglect your own health to care for others.


15. This feels like looking into a mirror:


16. You definitely don’t ever plan on using the excuse that you’re “on-call” when asked out to an event that you don’t really want to attend in the first place.


*whispers* It has its perks.

17. When you get the rare opportunity to go out, you party like a fresher who’s never had a drop of alcohol in their system before.


18. When people ask you why you chose to study this subject, you don’t really have an answer.


I really, really like Grey’s Anatomy?

19. But you know that despite all of the struggles, there is nothing else you would rather do because you know it’ll all be worth it.


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