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Norwegian Airlines 2019 Baggage Allowance

If you’re travelling with Norwegian Airlines on an upcoming flight, here’s everything you need to know about your Norwegian Airlines baggage allowance and fees.

Norwegian Airlines Baggage Allowance

Norwegian Airlines Ticket Types

Norwegian Airlines offers three different types of tickets. The prices of these tickets will vary depending on your route. Each ticket type includes the following:

LowFare1 carry-on bag (10 kg)
1 carry-on bag (10 kg);
1 checked bag (20kg).
Seat reservation
Flex1 carry-on bag (15 kg), 2 checked bags (20 kg each), seat reservation, Fast Track (selected airports), WiFi (most flights)
Priority Boarding (selected airports)

Norwegian Airlines Cabin Baggage

One carry-on bag in the cabin is included, free of charge. As well, one small personal item is allowed on board: a small handbag, or a slim laptop case that fits under the seat in front of you. Your ticket type will determine how heavy your hand luggage can be:

LowFare, Lowfare+, Premium1 carry-on bag: max. 55x40x23 cm; 1 small personal item: max. 25x33x20 cm; Max. combined weight: 10 kg
Flex, PremiumFlex1 carry-on bag: max. 55x40x23 cm; 1 small personal item: max. 25x33x20 cm; Max. combined weight: 15 kg

Travelling to/from Dubai? Hand baggage limit is 8kg due to restrictions on these flights.

Need to purchase a suitable hand luggage case for your upcoming flight? We recommend this, available on Amazon, as they are approved by most airlines.

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Baggage TypeSize RestrictionsWeight AllowanceFeeAdditional Fees
Cabin Baggage55 x 40 x 23cm10kg - 15kg depending on ticket typeN/AN/A
Checked Baggage250 x 79 x 112cm32kgDepending on ticket type*see excess baggage*
Excess Baggage250 x 79 x 112cm32kg£9 per kgN/A

Norwegian Airlines Checked Baggage

Your ticket type determines if checked baggage is included, or whether you’ll need to pay extra in order to get a larger baggage allowance. Checked baggage can be altered up until 6 hours before flight departure. Each bag must not exceed 32kg or be lighter than 2kg in weight. Each bag must not exceed 250 x 79 x 112 cm (L x H x W) with a maximum circumference of 300cm. Your total amount of checked bags cannot exceed 64kg.

LowFareNo bags included
LowFare+1 x 20 kg
Flex2 x 20 kg

Note: Prices are per person, per one way flight.

Norwegian Airlines Excess Baggage

Excess baggage charges apply to any items over the 2 checked baggage limit, and to items that exceed the weight limit of 20kg. £9 per kilo, per leg.

Norwegian Airlines Sports Items

When travelling with Norwegian Airlines, sports equipment (skis and snowboards, golf equipment: max 20kg, surfboards and kite equipment, bikes, driving equipment: 25kg. For more information, click here to find out what is allowed to be carried on board.

For all flights (excl. international long haul), it’s priced from £30 – 45 (online), and £40 – 70 (airport). For international long haul, it’s priced from £50 – 60 (online) and £60 – 70 (airport).

Each item must not exceed 32kg or be lighter than 2kg. Your gear must not exceed 250 x 79 x 112 cm (L x H x W) with a maximum circumference of 300cm.

All items are charged per item, each way.

My Baggage – Airline Baggage Alternative

Norwegian Airlines is an undeniably affordable travel option if you are travelling with a small amount of luggage off season. However, if you exceed the weight allowance, book baggage at the airport or travel during peak periods, you may face considerable fees.

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My Baggage provides a great low-cost alternative to airline baggage, with fast and convenient luggage shipping which allows you to travel hands-free. It means you’ll save yourself some time at the airport when you don’t have to check-in your bags, no waiting around at luggage carousels on the other side and ultimately, one less thing to worry about whilst you travel. To give you that extra peace of mind, My Baggage offers £100 free compensation cover on every single shipment, which can be increased right up to the value of £1000 if you wish. Contact our customer support team if you have any questions!

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