Four Ways to Reduce Excess Baggage

When packing for uni or getting ready to go home at the end of term, we are all guilty of wanting to take too much. However, with some time and planning you can cram everything into your bags and suitcases without having to worry about excess baggage.

How does it work?

Plan What You Want to Take

One of the most common reasons that we find ourselves staring at a mountain of excess baggage when packing is because we don't plan! Grabbing everything and anything that might seem useful in a mad-dash last minute pack, will invariably see you taking too much. Put aside some time to plan what you want to take instead of creating extra baggage.

Fold Things and Pack Properly

Yes it's time-consuming and a bit of a chore but it can save you space. Instead of throwing everything into your bags and suitcases fold things and pack them properly - it's amazing how much space you can save to fit your extra stuff in.

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Get the Right Size Bags and Suitcases

A single large suitcase should be sufficient for most people to fit all their clothes and toiletries in, so rather than spreading these over two suitcases and adding to your excess baggage use a larger one. Plus, with 30kg per item available with My Baggage you don't need to worry about the weight too much!

Remove Unnecessary Packaging

Putting CD's, DVD's and Blu-ray Discs into a single box or folder will help you reduce carrying around unnecessary, excess baggage. The same can be said for other items that come in boxes, leaving these behind will allow you to squeeze more stuff into a single bag or suitcase than use extra baggage.

However, for those other times when you just have too much stuff and you have booked your flight home, don't fork out for the often inflated prices it costs to transport excess baggage home. For the same 30kg allowance you get with My Baggage you could expect to be paying out hundreds of pounds with most airlines.

No matter how much excess baggage you have when going to or from university, My Baggage will give you 30kg per item.

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