Ah, the impending doom of university essay deadlines.

No, God! Please! NO!

1. How you feel when your tutor assigns an essay deadline.


2. You spend weeks avoiding the impending doom of starting to write.


3. And your procrastination reaches a whole new level because literally anything is better than writing an essay.


4. Then you overhear one of your course-mates say that they’re already on their final draft.

pam jenna fischer sudden realization nbc the office

5. So it eventually gets to the point where “I’ll start tomorrow” actually needs to become a reality if you ever want to have a hope of getting your degree.


6. But you end up wasting even more time being indecisive about which question to choose because you don’t understand anything.


7. Eventually you sit down to work but you can’t bring yourself to actually write anything.


8. You wish you’d savoured every moment you spent not working.

9. You try to make a plan…


10. And you try to give yourself a motivational pep talk…


11. But who are you kidding?

12. After taking a “quick break” that lasted almost 3 hours, you make the effort to go to the library…


13. But all of the seats are taken by Freshers who don’t even need to be there.

14. When someone asks “How many references have you used?”


15. Or just “How is it going?”

16. You suddenly realise how little time you have left before your deadline hits.

the office frustrated michael scott steve carrell

17. You’re tempted to call up your parents and apologise in advance for the person that you are.


18. As if by some miracle, you manage to make the word count.

the office michael scott meredith palmer terrible quality but this makes me

19. You read the whole thing back and feel a little unsure…

20. But decide to submit it anyway because there’s no going back now.

21. And now you’re free at last.

22. And you vow to never procrastinate ever again.


23. But then you realise you have another essay due next week.


24. And you have to go through this all over again.



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