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The end of term is just within your grasp…

The final few days of uni are upon you. Here are 19 signs that you’re SO ready to come home for the summer.

1. You have marked your ‘homecoming’ date in your calendar and you are counting down the days.

Radical Face the road to nowhere counting down days are numbered

2. Uni campus is like a ghost town. It’s just you and the international students left.

tumbleweed tumbleweeds ghost town reactions lonely

3. All your friends have gone home at you have no idea what to do with yourself.

season 7 mad men alone lonely don draper

4. You’re currently trying to eat all the remaining edible food in your kitchen.

edna krabappel single lonely tinder forever alone

5. And drink all the remaining booze. 

drunk drinking kristen wiig lonely bridesmaids

6. You’ve made a list of all the things you’re going to do when you have freedom again. Which mostly involves doing a whole lotta nothing. 

Disney alice in wonderland in a world of my own day dream

7. You’ve spent hours imagining the emotional reunion with your family pet.

dog dancing disco bijon

8. You actually can’t wait to see your parents.

The Oscars thank you parents academy awards oscars 2015

9. You’re basically fantasizing about raiding the fridge when you get home.

mrw roommate fridge vegetarian strict

10. You feel really nostalgic as you walk through uni, thinking this might be the last time you see certain things, experience certain smells and be in certain places. 

sad emotional reaction crying touched

11. You’ve made concrete plans to see your old friends from home.

Party Down South happy excited yeah omg

12. You already know what you’re going to wear to meet them.

fashion computer clueless wardrobe mismatch

13. And you have a list of stories ready to tell them.

The Hills excited good news 1x01 lauren

14. Whilst packing, you came across stuff from Freshers Week and had a sentimental cry.

crying new girl zooey deschanel breakup sad

15. So you decided to look through all your old uni photos on Facebook and cry some more.

crying tv girl new winston

16. You’ve packed and unpacked and repacked your luggage about 100 times.

The Hills 1x01 the hills 101 heidi heidi montag

17. It’s currently sitting ready, by the door waiting to be transported home.

movies bag mary poppins purse luggage

18. You’re basically living in sweatpants because you can’t be bothered going through your packed luggage again.

Fox TV amy poehler goodbye goodnight emmys 2015

19. You’ve decided to visit all the parts of your uni town and campus that you didn’t visit during your entire time there because you feel guilty.

beach confused pulp fiction john travolta mashup

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