So we all know University is going to be slightly different this year!

10 pm bar curfews, no house parties, and limited in-person lectures (well…. no one went to them anyway!)

With COVID-19 still kicking about its hard to know what the uni year will look like, but life must go on so we’ve put together 7 tips for surviving University in 2020!



1. Try your best to make friends!

Meeting people is going to be even more difficult this year as lots of classes will be online and fewer activities to join. But try your best to attend socials or (as embarrassing as it feels) why not give a classmate a message on FB!



2. Try to keep a routine!

With all this time spent at home make sure to continue to have some sort of routine, get out of bed, make a coffee and get some fresh air- it will keep you sane!



3. Phone, keys, purse, and MASK!

Make sure to keep your mask and hand sanitser on you at all times, you never know when you’re going to need it! 



4. Keep up to date with lectures!

Just because your lectures are online doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attend them!  Trust me… you don’t want to get behind on them already! 



5. BOOK the bars!

If you are fancying a wee drink out, book to avoid disappointment. Bars have lower capacity just now so you might struggle to just walk into somewhere! 



6. Check the rules!

Keep up to date with the rules and regulations, make sure you know what you can and can’t do! You don’t want a hefty fine from the police!



7. Remember, have fun but be safe!!!



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