Ah, first year…

It seems like just yesterday, but also like a lifetime ago, that you arrived on the campus all wide-eyed and sh*t scared, completely unaware of the craziness that was about to unfold.

If you’re returning to uni and missing that Freshers feeling, prepare to have your sense of nostalgia ignited, as we reminisce about first year by taking a look at some of the things you probably (definitely) did…

35 things you probably did in first year of university…

1. Made weird friends during Freshers week that you didn’t speak to again and avoided eye contact with for the rest of the year.

reaction weird random johnny depp willy wonka

2. Spent an absolute fortune during Freshers Week and ended up living in your overdraft until Christmas. Then you vowed to budget sensibly for the new term, but as soon as your second Student Loan instalment came in, the Milky Bars were on you and you made the same mistakes again.

cat money cash

3. Got locked yourself out of your room. And probably at the worst possible time.


4. Burned food and/or set the alarm off.

5. Had a clothes washing disaster which included either turning everything a different colour or shrinking things to miniature sizes.

seinfeld bored boring george costanza laundry

6. Had, let’s say… a ‘romantic incident’ at the beginning of the year that you later regretted, but no one lets you forget about.

cat what have i done

7. Made a Northern Irish friend. 

fifty shades of grey jamie dornan christian grey fifty shades movie

8. Pulled an all-nighter to get an assignment done and had an emotional breakdown at about 4am.

9. Binge watched multiple TV series.

10. Vomited in public.

puke sad vomit

11. Considered dropping out.

kim kardashian dumb clueless i have no idea what im doing college

12. Cried because you were homesick.

The Simpsons home homesick homer simpson marge simpson

13. Went to a toga party.


14. Took loads of stuff to uni with you that you didn’t need or use. Like an iron. 

monkey chores ironing housework

15. Came to uni with a full set of cutlery.

cat fork

16. And left with just one fork that you’re pretty sure wasn’t even yours to begin with.

17. Signed up for loads of clubs and societies. And didn’t bother going to any of them, but got your email spammed to sh*t all year.

18. Ate Super Noodles and realised it was probably the most nutritious meal you’d had in days.

noodles spaghetti shaytards rocktard

19. Fought with a housemate over food/dishes/taking the bins out.


20. Made uni friends that you got oddly close to.

21. Napped with your uni BFF, without it being weird at all.

friends sleeping ross joey cuddling

22. Got extremely lost in Uni and ended up missing class.


23. Joined the gym and did not go.

24. Had a picnic/BBQ on the grounds of your uni just because it was a sunny day and you needed an excuse for some day time drinking.

NEIGHBORS bbq movie film comedy

25. Used any excuse to drink. “You got 41% in your exam? LET’S PARTYYYYY!!!”

26. Genuinely questioned whether or not you had an alcohol problem.

drinking wine alcohol amy schumer yahoo tv

27. Woke up somewhere you did not recognise and with a very vague memory of how you got there.

28. After a particularly rough night, you felt your heart leap out of your chest with pure terror when you received a Facebook notification to say you had been tagged in a photo, which you then scrambled to delete.


29. Made chips and chicken nuggets with your friends after a night out.

30. You arrived at university with the aim of reinventing yourself and forgetting your past, but then you end up repeating old habits and telling your new friends all your deepest darkest secrets.

31. You bought loads of amazing new outfits to impress everyone at uni, but after a week you got lazy and you turned up to lectures wearing the clothes that you slept in.

NowThis dog cute adorable puppy

32. One of your friends from home came to visit and you realised how much you’d both changed.

33. Stole a traffic cone or a road sign.

Via Newschoolers.com

34. Ran out of money and had to choose between food and alcohol. (lol, as if it’s a choice.)

35. Aimed to explore your university town, but only got to know about four streets – the ones with the good bars and clubs.

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