Pfft, media students get it so easy.

Being a media student is a total doss. Essays are a breeze, you don’t even bat an eyelid at exams, and 99% of your time is taken up by watching films and TV shows all day long. Right?


There are a lot of misconceptions about media students. They’re definitely the most misunderstood bunch out there. For all you media students out there, these 18 things will feel WAY too real.

1. You pretty much live and breathe social media.


2. But it’s acceptable, because it’s technically research.



3. How you feel when someone asks “Do you just watch films and TV shows all day?”


4. Or, “Do you ever regret choosing a degree with no guaranteed career prospects?”


5. Meanwhile, you can think of a million and one things you could do with your degree and have a hard time settling on just one.


6. You can’t watch anything without analyzing the hell out of it.


7. TV advertisements and radio jingles included.


8. So it’s no surprise that no one really wants to watch anything with you.


9. All of your media friends freelance in SOMETHING.


10. Your happiest moments in life include when you create or publish something you are really proud of.


11. Finding a paid internship is wishful thinking.


12. So you resentfully accept the fact that you’ll likely have to take at least one unpaid internship.


13. Taking an entire class dedicated to social media means you have a pretty impressive online skillset.


14. Everyone on your course identifies themselves as a director, producer, journalist, blogger, Youtuber, photographer, social influencer OR a superhuman hybrid of every single one.


15. How you feel when someone asks, “What do you mean you haven’t seen (insert totally obscure film here)? You study media!”


16. Or, “Are you doing it just because you want to become famous?”


17. When other students say, “I wish I’d chosen an easy degree like you.”


18. Or, “Your essays must be a breeze!”


19. But no matter what anyone has to say about it, you’re pretty damn happy because you love your work so much that it doesn’t even feel like work.


You go, media students!


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