“I’m A Celebrity” is finally back on our TV screens.

And, when you think about it, it’s scarily similar to the life of a uni student. Eating gross food, living in a disgusting environment, being made to do tasks you’d rather not do…


1. Halfway through the first semester and any optimism you once had has now disappeared.


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2. When living with other students instead of your parents once seemed fun and exciting but the novelty quickly wears off.


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3. When you’re trying your best to hold it together during Freshers’ Week pre-drinks.


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4. When you witness your housemate do something hilarious and horrifically embarrassing on a night out.


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5. When you’ve been out most of the night and then your alarm goes off for your to get up for your 9am lecture and you seriously contemplate dropping out.


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6. When you’re unsure about literally everything during a lecture and you need to ask a genuine question but you don’t want to interrupt.


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7. When the lecturer explains something twice and you still don’t get it.


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8. When any attempt you make at cooking is pretty questionable, and you realise you never gave your parents enough credit for their home-cooking.


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9. When it gets to that point in the year when all you can ever afford to eat is pasta.


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10. When all you want in life is nice food.


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11. When you’re hit with multiple deadlines at once.


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12. When your friends find you in the library the morning after pulling an all-nighter.


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13. When you have so much to do but you just can’t bring yourself to do any of it.


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14. So you just sit there contemplating life, contemplating whether a degree is really worth it.


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15. When you realise how successful you would be if you were working towards a degree in napping.


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16. When you realise there’s a mistake in the essay you just submitted.


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17. When you and your uni friend are both so broke and the only thing you have is each other.


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18. But then your student loan finally drops into your bank account.


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19. When you go home for the weekend and your friends at home are eagerly awaiting all of your uni gossip.


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20. When any of your relatives try to ask you about post-graduation/career plans.


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21. When you’re the only one who ever takes the bins out so you’re basically the backbone of your student household.


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22. When you get home from a long day at uni only to find that one of your housemates has stolen the food that you were thinking about all day.


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23. When you make the mistake of actually touching a tea-towel in your communal kitchen.


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24. When you start considering it a good day if you only cry and contemplate dropping out once.


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25. When you miraculously make it to the end of the year in one piece.

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