All those people who have spent the years in the university must be knowing how tough it is to spend those years on a limited budget. The majority of the activities at the university needs you to spend money, which hurts the budget very much. To cope up with these expenses, many students take up night jobs to earn some money.

So here this post, I have shared some tips which you can make use to save money rather than spending hours tirelessly to make some pounds. Understand that you need to do smart work rather than hard work to enjoy your life at the university.

Save money on university fees

It is better to check your university for any scholarships. See whether the university is providing an incentive when you take up a course. If you are lucky you will find something better.

Save money on textbooks

Mostly the university textbooks are available at the local bookshops. There you will find brand new books at the retail price. This can cost you more. So better look for used books on eBay or search Google for secondhand books. Buying books this way will help you to save up to 60%. Sounds great, right?

Save money on rent

Away from your home at the university means you need to spend a good amount of money on accommodation. For sure, staying at your home during your university years will definitely benefit you, but if you have to stay away due to travel reasons, then you need to find some better options to save money.

It is always good to stay on the campus at the accommodation provided by the university. You will enjoy your freedom as well get the room at a cheaper rate.

Moreover, you can even get a room outside the campus and have a room partner. This way you can share the expenses and have your space, both at the same time.

Cut down on food costs

If you are good at cooking or just say you know to make the basics, it is always better to cook your own lunches and dinners. You will be able to save a good amount on food this way. Understand that the food at the university will still cost you more even after using student discounts.

You can buy and store certain items in bulk like pasta, noodles, rice, etc. Takeaway food items like pizza is going to cost you more. So make use of latest vouchers available at Dealslands of your favorite store like Pizza Hut and Papa Johns and you will be able to get a heavy discount.

Enjoy life but for less

Student life is all about entertainment and party. But you need to take care of your expenses.

  • Look for any upcoming events in the university. Parties and live performances can be absolutely free and you will be able to enjoy a lot.
  • Some of the clubs and bars have an association with the university. So just check out whether they have student nights. Going to such places will help you buy drinks at half price or even low just by showing your student ID.
  • Student discount is also available for watching movies. Just show your ID every time you go to book tickets and you will get a good discount.
  • Student discount is also available to visit a number of attractions in the city. So make use of the ID card and enjoy your university life.

Save money on transportation

Being a university student, it is better for you to opt for public transportation or simply walk. Taking a motorbike or car is going to cost you more.

  • The public transportation provides discount deals for students. So make it a habit of showing your ID card to get discount. At most of the places, you will get up to half price discount when travelling.
  • Go for car pooling. If any of your friends brings a car to university, better share it with other friends. This way everyone can share the gas price as well as reach university comfortably.
  • If you are living near the university better get a bicycle. They are cheap as well as require less parking space. Moreover, you are saved from spending money on the gym.
  • If you’re at uni away from home use a student shipping service like My Baggage to transport your belongings at a low cost.

In short, by taking care of small things, you will ultimately able to save well, while being at the university.

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