Great British Bake Off is back!

In celebration of GBBO returning to our screens, here’s an abundance of Mary Berry reactions that are literally you at university. She speaks to us all.

1. When you begin the semester feeling super optimistic.

2. When you do something embarrassing during Freshers’ Week.

When you're three years deep into your crush's Facebook photos and accidentally like a picture.

3. Suddenly you’re halfway through the first semester and all of your optimism is a distant memory.

4. When you insist that you’re not going to drink because you have a 9am lecture in the morning… but it doesn’t take long for you to cave.

5. Because it’s either a night out or a night in with too much FOMO to deal with.


6. When you’re at your 9am lecture the next morning and you regret all of your decisions.

When you're way too hungover to be at work.

7. And you’re desperately trying to keep up but you literally have no idea what’s going on.

When someone speaks really fast and you haven't got a clue what they're actually saying.

8. When your lecturer explains something twice and you still just don’t get it.

When someone goes overboard with TMI on your Facebook timeline.

9. And then that one annoying person in the lecture asks an unnecessary question just before the lecture ends.

When someone tries to mansplain to you.

10. When you realise how close your deadlines actually are.


11. And then you realise there’s a mistake in an essay you’ve already submitted.

When you catch sight of yourself in a mirror the morning after a heavy night.

12. When there’s a hot person in your seminar.

When you spot your crush and you try to be sexy.

13. When you’re having pasta for the 4th time this week because you’re living that broke student life to the fullest.

When someone ruins your favourite TV show by giving you a spoiler just before you've watched that episode.

14. But then your student loan finally comes in.

When you find out you've finally paid off your student loan.

15. When you successfully cook a nice meal for you and all of your housemates.

Followed by her face when she served this cake.

16. But they just continue to steal all of your food.

When someone says they didn't see your WhatsApp message but you can see they're online.

17. And wake you up unnecessarily.

18. When you visit home and try to pretend that you’ve never partaken in midday drinking.

And appreciates a good drink.

19. When your relatives try to ask you about your plans after graduation.


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