It’s exciting and terrifying all at once.

1. Moving into your new student accommodation and having to bid your parents farewell.

2. Looking forward to the incoming new experiences, never mind how on earth you’re going to survive it all.

3. Mingling with your new flatmates and pretending to like them… for now.

4. Having to actually put yourself out there and meeting new people.

5. Realising how socially awkward you are when trying to make conversation.

6. Grabbing the cheapest drinks off the shelves with the highest alcohol percentage.

7. Gathering in someone’s kitchen for pre-drinks, where you’re most likely to get more drunk than you’ve ever been before.

8. Finding yourself saying ‘YES’ to anything and everything.

9. Drunkenly staggering into a taxi on your way to the club.

10. Or on your way to a bar crawl.

11. Bonding with equally intoxicated people quickly and immediately becoming best mates.

12. Throwing up one too many times in the club bathroom.

13. Getting drunk-hungry and heading off to the nearest kebab shop or takeaway.

The greasier the better.

14. Waking up with a killer hangover that not even the Googled-miracle-hangover-cure could not fix.

15. Discovering the horrific Facebook photos you’ve been tagged in from the previous night.

16. Checking your bank account and nearly having a meltdown.

17. But despite all of that, you do it all over again that night.

18. By the end of the week, you’re tired, drained and a bit homesick.

giphy (3)

19. And you’re not AT ALL ready for your first week of lectures.

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