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University brings out the weird in everyone…

26 Things Every Student Has Done But Won’t Admit To

1. Stolen your flatmate’s food.

2000s shaggy it wasnt me

2. Used their toiletries because they seem nicer and fancier than yours and you kinda want to know what they smell like.

dude hits asks wasnt

3. Slept with someone questionable and swore blind that you did nothing more than kiss.

oops yikes mistake uh oh yeesh

4. Ate out of date food because you’re lazy and poor.

laughing morgan freeman sneaky clever you sneaky

5. Wrote a fake date when referencing your essay so your lecturer wouldn’t suspect that you did it the night before.

lies lying catfish max joseph nev schulman

6. Made up a fake reference in your essay because the quote was really good but you couldn’t remember where you found it.

reactions facepalm shame ashamed embarassed

7. Stolen toilet paper from a public loo, then hidden your stash from your housemates. Because that stuff is expensive.

rihanna embarassed

8. Vomited somewhere and pretended it wasn’t you.

friends shy honey boo boo ross geller compliment

9. Spilled a drink and left a stain and swore it wasn’t you.

reaction leaving george costanza jason alexander embarassed

10. Saw your tutor in the corridor and ran in the opposite direction.

psych run away refuse no cant

11. Handed in an essay late and made up an elaborate lie to get an extension.

computer paul rudd oh shit shocked disgusted

12. “Accidentally” lost your friends on a night out so you could pull.

jack nicholson faye dunaway chinatown secretive hiding something

13. “Accidentally” lost your friends on a night out so you could go home early.

kim kardashian sleep kuwtk sleeping exhausted

14. Left a lecture during the break and just didn’t come back.

snow white i cant do not want run away i cant even

15. Lied about your entire history and personality during a game of ‘I have never’.

kanye embarassing no laughing matter

16. Told a white lie to make yourself sound more interesting during Freshers’ Week. But everyone remembered and you realised you’ll have to keep up the charade forever.

embarrassed celebrities miley cyrus grin embarassing

17. Went into a shop, looked at an item, saw the price tag, had a mild heart attack, but pretended to consider the purchase so the shop assistant didn’t realise how broke you are.

bollywood nod fake smile sonam kapoor aisha

18. Taken a book from the library that everyone else needed and didn’t even read it.

evil laugh arthur

19. Got a really good mark on a piece of work that you didn’t even make an effort for.

happy oprah blessed

20. Got a really crap mark on a piece of work you spent hours on and then subsequently pretended that you didn’t try anyway.

comedy bill hader comedy central amy schumer trainwreck

21. Went to a lecture still slightly drunk.

drunk very drunk freely admit

22. Attended an event simply because you knew there would be free food/alcohol.

food dream hungry eat dreams

23. Eaten an entire jar of Nutella for dinner.

chocolate delicious nutella delicioso

24. Claimed to have read certain books to sound more intelligent. Then gone home and read the Wikipedia page in case anyone ever asks you about it.

smart emo deep daria quinn

25. Walked past that person you made friends with during Freshers’ Week but pretended you didn’t see them because the constant awkward hellos are making you anxious.

the office oops jim public embarassed

26. Identified with a shameful amount of points on this list.

oops glenn close funny movie film

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