Cheap And Affordable Activities every Student in Liverpool should do!

Visit the Cathedrals

There are two main cathedrals in Liverpool, Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral and Church of England. Both cathedrals show off remarkable architecture and are too surreal not to be visited. Entry into the Cathedrals is free of charge and on most days there are tour guides available to walk you about and talk about the history of the cathedrals.

Visit the Museums

There are 3 main museums in Liverpool with each one being different from the other. The museums are free of charge. So if you’re looking to learn a little more about the history of Liverpool and spend time doing some sightseeing I would definitely recommend taking yourself to one or more of the museums Liverpool has to offer.

Anfield and Goodison

Even if you’re not a football fan, I would recommend taking a trip out to the football stadiums. Both stadiums are within walking distance of each other. Take a tour of the stadium and learn some history of the two world-famous football teams and maybe stick around for a game. (Student tickets are available for less than £20.)








St James’Cemetery

I personally would refer to St James’ Cemetery as a hidden gem of Liverpool. The cemetery is no longer used by the cathedral and is more of an urban park. The walkway down to the gardens is lined with the headstones that once stood in the graveyard. The cemetery gives you chills especially reading some of the headstones from many years ago. However, the surreal quietness of the cemetery makes you feel like you are miles away from the centre of Liverpool.

 Walk along the Docks

The docks are a signature location in Liverpool and should really be enjoyed whether you fancy an evening walk or a seat to enjoy the sunset on a summers evening. Whilst walking along the docks you may notice some padlocks attached to the railings which friendship groups or couples have placed there with messages wrote on them, which is a lovely addition to the docks.

Visit the Alternative Shopping Centre

Located on Renshaw Street just beside Liverpool Lime Street Station, the shopping centre provides alternative shopping for those looking for something out of the ordinary. The basement of the shopping centre hosts a shop selling many varieties of music on vinyl records. The entrance shop sells different clothing for those of you with different or should I say alternative clothing styles. The walls are decorated with crazy artworks.

Take the ferry across the Mersey

It might sound cliche’ however it is definitely worth a trip on the River Mersey ferry. There are various tickets available, one of which also includes a tour of the Beatles museum which is a bonus. For those who may suffer seasickness or feel queasy at the idea of going on a river cruise, don’t worry the trip lasts only 50 minutes, which may seem slightly more bearable.

Take the Train to Formby/Sefton/Crosby Beach

Twenty minutes on the train can take you to some beautiful locations along the Merseyside coastline. Crosby beach is the permanent home of ‘Another Home’, a sculpture by a world-famous artist which comprises of many steel iron men looking out to sea. It really is a beautiful sculpture especially when the tide is out as you can really see the sculpture at its best. Formby and Crosby’s beach are also a stone’s throw away on the train and make for beautiful sunsets on a sunny evening. For those who love photography, Formby and Sefton’s beaches make for capturing great images.


Visit Radio City Tower

If you want to experience stunning views of Merseyside, Wirral, North Wales (including Snowdonia on clear days), then I would recommend visiting the Radio City Tower Beacon. Fortunately for us students we can benefit from a reduced price of £4.50 to visit the Beacon and there is no time limit on your visit. A souvenir booklet is also included in the price. The Beacon stands approximately 400 feet above the city centre so for those of you who don’t love heights maybe consider how high up you will be before visiting.

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