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Second year of uni is totally underrated…

You’re out of the insecure first year phase and not quite into the stress-fest of final year.

But that’s not to say that second year of university doesn’t have its own ‘challenges’…

30 Struggles Of Second Year At Uni, As Described By RuPaul’s Drag Race

1. When you realise that second year ACTUALLY counts.

rupaul reality tv dont fuck it up

2. It’s time to get your ass into gear. Let’s start by shifting those few extra pounds you gained in first year.

RealityTVGIFs drag race alyssa edwards jade jolie backrolls

3. Nah, screw it. You’re fine the way you are. 

4. In fact, second year is all about lovin’ yoself.

5. You’re done trying to fit in. This year, you’re going to embrace yourself for who you are.

6. And you’ve finally found some good friends who embrace your eccentricities too.

14 Perfect "Rupaul's Drag Race" GIFs To Use For Any Situation At Work

7. And you get to live together!

RealityTVGIFs excited yas exciting yas queen

8. But it’s not quite the experience you imagined…

sharon needles

9. There’s so much drama and fights over the dumbest stuff – like whose turn it is to wash the dishes.

10. At first, you kind of enjoy the drama…

11. But then things start to get ugly.

rupauls drag race bianca del rio laganja estranja courtney act

12. And you DO NOT want to get involved in petty arguments.

13. But then your flatmates start to annoy you too.

rupauls drag race sharon needles phi phi o'hara

14. And someone eats the special goddamn chocolate bar you’ve been saving for yourself.

15. Ok. It’s war.

16. Living with other people makes you realise how irrationally angry you can be.

17. But there’s no point being distracted by rows with flatmates. You need to FOCUS. New year at uni, new you.

For starters, you’re going to get in control of your finances.

18. No more wasting your entire student loan on crap.

RealityTVGIFs television rhoa drag race rich

19. You’re going to go to ALL your classes, no matter how exhausting that seems.

rupauls drag race working out rpdr rupaul's drag race jinkx monsoon

20. YES. Even the 9am ones.

rupauls drag race alyssa edwards alaska thunderfuck jinkx monsoon detox icunt

21. When you have absolutely no idea what the lecturer’s talking about.

22. And you start to panic.

23. Maybe you’re not as smart as you thought you were.


24. Your grades are WAY lower than you expected.

25. But you’re not going to let this get to you.

26. You’re gonna pick yourself back up and work harder than ever.

27. You’re even going to take charge on group projects.

rupauls drag race realitytvgifs drag race rpdr rupaul's drag race

28. And of course take all the credit.

29. And your grades start picking up.

yes realitytvgifs drag race yas shangela

30. And your exams go better than expected.

31. And your results are kind of ok for a change…

Roll on third year…

14 Perfect "Rupaul's Drag Race" GIFs To Use For Any Situation At Work



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