Applying to go to university through UCAS is a challenge and a half.

First there’s narrowing down your choices, then there’s writing your personal statement (and having to deal with a freakin’ character limit), then you have to wait for what feels like a thousand years to receive any update on your application whilst all of your friends appear to be rejoicing at securing their places long before you.

In a nutshell: it’s a pretty hell-ish experience. If you’re a student, we’re sure you’ll recognise these 16 stages of applying to university through UCAS.

1. You’ve researched so many different universities that you don’t even know what university is anymore.

2. Realising how many degree courses there actually are.

3. Beginning to question how you can ever be fully sure of what and where you want to study.

4. You suddenly doubt if university life is even what you want at all.

5. Having a mini-breakdown because you suddenly don’t know what you want in life anymore.

6. Finally getting over yourself after procrastinating for far too long.

7. How you feel when trying to write your personal statement.

8. How you feel when trying to stay within the character limit.

9. Double-checking and triple-checking to make sure you haven’t typed the wrong course codes into your application.

Then checking a few more times – just to be on the safe side.

10. Not to mention proofreading your personal statement so many times it doesn’t even make sense anymore.

11. Finding out that you actually having to pay money to apply and questioning whether it’s worth it.

£23 is a lot of money…

12. Finally submitting your application and wanting to throw your computer to the other side of the room whilst you hide.

13. Never feeling more terrified than every single time you receive an email from UCAS.

14. Feeling an overwhelming range of emotions when other people start to get offers from your first choice university.

15. Receiving a track update email only to discover that absolutely nothing on your UCAS application has changed.

16. But at the end of it all (after what feels like a thousand years have passed) you feel on top of the world when you finally receive your offers.

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