Exam season is a time of intense, mixed emotions…

And who better to describe your rollercoaster ride than the world’s most melodramatic family…

19 Times The Kardashians Summed Up Exam Season At Uni

1. When exams are just around the corner and you have no idea where to start but you’re still kinda chill.

2. So you try to revise but it’s not working.


3. And it’s boring. So you give up.

41 Kardashian GIF Reactions For Every Situation

4. And tell yourself the ultimate lie.


5. When you wake up, you’re like nah.

6. So you procrastinate like hell.

7. And distract all your friends.


8. When your parents ask you if you’ve been revising.

41 Kardashian GIF Reactions For Every Situation

9. And then they pile on the pressure.

kendall jenner keeping up with the kardashians mom kardashian kardashians

10. So you kind a freak out. A lot.

kim kardashian crying cry kardashian ugly cryer

11. And you realise that there’s now no time to revise all the thing you have to revise.

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12. And now you’re properly stressed. 

kim kardashian crying kuwtk kim kardashian crying

13. Like, as stressed as Kim when she lost her diamond earring in the ocean.

When Kourtney gave Kim some perspective.

14. You descend into a full scale mental breakdown.

15. And you’re totally ashamed of how things have ended up this way.


16. So you try to revise again and become more confused than ever.

17. For real, you have no idea what this stuff is about.

18. And you decide to be all “que sera, sera” and let God decide your fate.

kim kardashian kardashian reactions whatever zen let go and let god

19. When your smug friends have all finished their exams and you can’t deal.

You often talk in your own unique little phrases...

20. But then you finish yours and you’re all like:


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