You put the ‘pro’ in procrastination…

26 Signs You’re A Student Who Leaves Everything To The Last Minute

1. Before revising you decided that you would be waayyy more productive if you made the most detailed revision timetable on planet earth.

You spent an entire day creating it with highlighters, stickers and coloured pens. And you have not used it once.

procrastination demetri martin pie chart

2. You could be insanely bored, lying in bed staring at the wall for six hours straight and you still wouldn’t be able to find the motivation to revise.

3. Whenever you get stressed and overwhelmed there is only one solution.

4. You’re never sure if you have free time or if you’re just forgetting to do all the stuff you need to do.

5. You’re caught in this cycle and can’t see a way out.

I'm stressed because I procrastinate because I'm stressed because I procrastinate

6. You haven’t read one book on your reading list.

7. You are this person:

You basically just think that you have all the time in the world.

8. But when you need to, you can get showered, dressed and out the door in fifteen minutes flat.

emma stone easy a ra singing gif singing in the shower

9. When you find the motivation to sit down and do a bit of work, you feel so damn proud of yourself that you must post about your achievement on social media.

kim kardashian money kanye west kanyeezy i am a god

10. And then reward yourself with a well-earned study break.

11. There’s still a box/suitcase in your room at uni which has not been unpacked since you got there.

12. You’ve been to the library exactly four times since you started uni.

13. This is your motto.

14. And this is your strategy.

15. You spend more time calculating how many marks you need to pass than you do on actually revising.

math calculating

16. When you have a massive to-do list, you will do the easiest/least important task and then feel proud of yourself for being productive.

17. When you know you should be revising you clean your entire from top to bottom, rearrange your wardrobe, disinfect the kitchen, organise your finances, solve global warming and do basically anything possible to keep yourself busy and avoid all actual responsibilities.

odyssey ashley madison procrastination affliction understated

18. You don’t do essay plans or rough drafts. It’s all or nothing.

19. You don’t do proof-reading. When it’s done, you hand it in.

love pop childhood try judge

20. You can not get motivated to do work until the exam is literally hours away and you’re in a state of panic.

21. Even if when you’re given months to write an essay, you still manage to leave it until the night before.

adele whatever shit happens music black and white

22. All-nighters don’t even phase you anymore.

taylor swift coffee university finals exams

23. You are the master of increasing word counts.

24. Every time you hand in assignment, the deadline is minutes, if not seconds away. 

25. And after every rushed assignment, you promise that you will never be in that situation again.


26. But we all know you will.



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