Some lessons can only be learned in a student house.

At some point during your student life, you’ll likely need to move into a house that you’ll share with a bunch of other students. It’s one of the most exciting and unique experiences that you can experience as a student, and you’ll likely learn one or two things along the way…

1. You will learn to accept a lower standard of hygiene.

2. Because cleaning rotas never work.

3. And cleaning takes FOREVER.

jjjjjohn skeleton cleaning clean chores

4. And kitchens and bathrooms get really gross, REALLY quickly.

The Simpsons bart simpson season 16 episode 9 milhouse van houten

5. Basically, nothing will ever be completely clean.

infomercial cleaning wtf mess

6. You’ll learn that other people have really weird eating habits.

I doubt this "recipe" was on the back of the box.

7. Actually, other people just have really weird habits in general.

reaction weird queue reaction s yourreactions

8. You’ll learn that drunk people can be really, really stupid.


9. You’ll learn the hard way that turning the heating on is a controversial topic.

10. And that there are no rules about what belongs to who.

11. And that arguments about milk are inevitable.

12. At the most inconvenient times, you’ll learn that there will always be one person who constantly forgets their keys, meaning you have to stay in/wait up for them.


13. You’ll learn that people who don’t wash up are annoying.

14. But people who do wash up, but do a really bad job of it, are literally the WORST.

15. You’ll learn that passive aggressive notes are a much better option than actually confronting people in a mature manner.

16. You’ll learn that no one will ever take responsibility for taking out the bin.

17. But you’ll also learn that the bin can ALWAYS be pushed down further.


18. Similarly, you’ll learn that no one will ever take responsibility for cleaning the oven.

19. And it’ll likely be you who’ll cave, but you’ll have NO IDEA how to do it.

20. You’ll learn that having a fear of tea towels isn’t actually as ridiculous as it sounds.

21. You’ll realise that you definitely didn’t praise your mum for her home-cooking enough.


22. In fact, you’ll learn that your mum did a lot more than you ever gave her credit for.

23. When you visit home, you’ll learn that there IS a SIGNIFICANT difference between 1 ply and 3 ply toilet paper.

24. Something will break and instead of calling the landlord, you’ll just learn to live with it.

25. You’ll learn how easy it is to want to murder someone over something as simple as the washing up.

26. You’ll learn that it’s true what they say: you don’t know someone until you live with them.

27. And you’ll learn that if you’re still friends with someone after living with them, you’re bound to be friends for life.

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