Being a uni student can really change you as a person.

It might even turn you into Joey Tribbiani.

1. When you first arrived at uni and you tried (almost too hard) to make friends.


2. Every time you pretend to understand what’s going on in a lecture.

friends joey joey tribbiani matt leblanc friends tv

3. But inside you’re just like:


4. Any time there’s free food on campus.


5. When you finally get to visit home and enjoy your parents’ home-cooked meals.


6. When your housemates won’t allow you to put the heating on so you have to layer up.


7. Even though the cold is pretty bad.

Image result for joey could i be wearing anymore clothes gif

8. Like, really bad.

Image result for joey tribbiani cold

9. Any time you’re put in a group project with people you don’t really like.

Image result for joey tribbiani sad

10. When you start catching feelings for one of your course-mates.


11. How you feel every time you read one of your own essays back.


12. When you finally get back to your uni friends after visiting home.


13. When your housemate helps themselves to your food and you gotta make a few things clear.


14. But then you find out that they went ahead and stole your milk anyway.


15. When you’re just chilling and then remember how close your deadlines are getting.

funny lol friends what haha

16. When there’s nothing more satisfying than ordering a takeaway after a night out at the SU.


17. Any time someone takes “your seat” in the library before you get there.


18. When you go home for Christmas and your family makes a comment about the “Freshers’ Fifteen”.


19. When you get a surprisingly good mark on an assignment that you were sure you’d fail.


20. How you feel when you’re in final year and you try to talk to Freshers.


21. Every time you remember that when uni ends you actually have to be a real adult with a real job in the real world.


22. But if you’re as great as Joey, you know you’ll be fine.

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