When you’re a student you can get away with doing some really bizarre things…

So enjoy it while it lasts, because these 16 ridiculous things are only acceptable when you’re at university…

1. Eating cereal out of a saucepan because you don’t have any more clean bowls.


And quite frankly, you can’t be bothered cleaning them either.

2. Or, better yet, using a saucepan as a punch-bowl for pre-drinks.


It’s probably filled with cheap vodka and cheap squash. Yum.

3. Spending your evening playing ridiculously childish games with your flatmates.


Probably because you’re all procrastinating.

4. Finding someone wrapped in their duvet in the library at 4 am is fast asleep and considering it as completely normal and – actually – a rather good idea.


5. Trying weird food combinations because it’s all you have left in your fridge.


6. Putting the priority of having a cheap night over the risk of dying by actually consuming this.


7. Ignoring the fire alarm.


The person in the flat below has just burnt their toast again. It’s fine.

8. Having a sink in your bedroom.



9. Drinking on a school night.


Pro tip: enjoy this while it lasts. You can’t skip 9 am meetings in the real world like you can with 9 am lectures.

10. Drinking during the day.


You’re in the pub at 1 pm on a Wednesday afternoon and no one is batting an eyelid.

11. Sleeping until mid-afternoon.


12. Then eating breakfast at 3 pm.


And then having the same thing for dinner.

13. It’s perfectly acceptable to live in a hoodie you only wash every couple of months.


14. Leaving passive-aggressive notes for your flatmates on a regular basis.


15. Frequently ordering takeaways and buying new clothes with absolutely no money.


Student accounts allow for hefty overdrafts. You *definitely* won’t regret that after you graduate…

16. But ultimately, you spend the most money on alcohol.


Hmm. On second thoughts, you’ll probably continue this long after graduation…

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