“What’s the point? It’s all in the past anyway!”

Being a history student, you’re a bit of an interesting breed. No-one else can fully understand your love for all things past tense.

And if you want to pull your hair out everytime someone disses your degree, we’re pretty sure you’ll relate to these 19 things…

1. You can’t help but question the historical accuracy of every possible film ever.

walt jr gif

(And everyone kinda hates you for it)

2. You’ve come to realise that you’re actually quite a sadistic person.

the grinch evil smile gif

Anything with the words “bloody”, “battle”, “war” or “torture” gets you far too excited.

3. This makes you laugh more than it probably should:

henry VIII meme

4. Speaking of which, you wish everything was as easy to remember as the Henry VIII wives rhyme.

henry VIII emojis

Divorced, beheaded, died. Divorced, beheaded survived!

5. Or that William the Conqueror invaded England in October 1066. And you mostly remember that date because of this…

hastings direct

“Oh-eight-hundred-double-oh, ten-sixty six!”

6. Your reaction when people say “Why does it matter? It’s all in the past!”

annoyed gif

7. And when they just assume you want to be a teacher.

whatever gif

I could be anything I want to be…

8. Horrible Histories makes you happier than you could ever explain.

9. All you want from this course, this degree, this LIFE… is a field trip.

sad kitten gif

But that’s wishful thinking.

10. You blow a lot of money on key texts because your tutors are adamant that you will fail the entire course without them – but they sit on your shelf gathering dust, never to be used.


11. You often turn up to class and have no idea what anyone is talking about.

don't understand gif

12. Your friends putting all of their faith into you during pub quizzes is a new level of pressure.

stressedout gif

13. And when you let them down they literally can’t quite believe that you don’t know every detail of everything that happened in the past.

Always-My-Fault gif

14. Footnotes and bibliographies are the bane of your existence.

annoyed emoji

They were definitely created just to make your whole life a misery.

15. You read the same things over… and over… and over…

alice in wonderland bored gif

16. You know what this is, you know how it works, and you’ve probably used one.

Microfilm Reader

17. People seem to expect you to know the date of anything and everything that took place in the past.

headshake gif

18. But the truth is, actually getting the date of an important historical event right surprises the heck out of you.

thumbs up gif


19. Your reaction when people say “History isn’t a real degree”.

whatsgood gif

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