Your placement year will be your first true taste of employed life after university…

It’s all new and exciting and it definitely beats trying to stay awake through lectures all day. But, there sure is a lot to get your head around in order to fully embrace the placement experience…

1. You have a chance to start afresh with new people…

New Girl jake johnson nick miller shaving started from the bottom

2. …until they add you on Facebook.

ew life people grunge truth

3. Being given your own desk space and phone makes you feel like a don.

photobucket images pictures photos william

4. Exploring a new city can be an eye-opener.

prank rat pizza rat

5. That weird feeling when you are rollin’ in g’s…

friends life laughing laugh meeting

6. …which you subsequently waste on stuff you don’t need.

shopping black and white vintage

7. You actually have free time in the evenings.

funny snl kristen wiig lazy bff

8. You don’t have to deal with all the people you despise back at university…

Cheezburger haters sports win bikes

9. …unless you are given distance work modules and you have to email lecturers daily.

90s computer tom hanks typing laptop

10. You are actually given responsibilities and can be held accountable.

news politics 2016 trump donald trump

11. You have to plan your holidays carefully and not waste all your days in the first 3 months.

RealityTVGIFs vacation trip tiffany pollard miss new york

12. You can smugly read your uni friends Facebook pots about revision and essays eating up their time.

neomagazinroyale popcorn neomagazin

13. You are invited to work do’s which are amazing and you can drink with your co-workers!

movie horse the godfather godfather dead horse

14. Initially, you have to pretend like you know what all the acronyms mean and you end up using them in casual conversation.

elizabeth olsen yeah nodding i understand

15. The stationary cupboard!


16. Dress down Fridays remind you of when you could wear pyjamas to lectures.

slayer casual friday business casual casual fridays

17. Getting lost on your first day is expected.

confused lost disney disney animation dumbo

18. You create a gang with the other placement students.

Empire FOX music love family song

19. Sucking up to your boss reaps high rewards for future employment. You kiss ass.

ass kiss my ass entertainment wwf the rock

20. And when you have to go back to uni… you realise your degree isn’t over and you have no idea how to university right anymore. 

community school study studying

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