When you decided to enrol into uni, you probably didn’t expect to be broke so quickly and so unreservedly.

The night outs, day trips to neighbouring cities, cost of textbooks and all those midnight snack cravings, as well as fast food takeaways, certainly don’t help either! You’re probably beginning to die a little inside every time you’re compelled to make an essential purchase or feel super guilty whenever you splurge on some treats for yourself. Fret not! Look no further, because here are some superb ways to make money that’s guaranteed to ensure you stay on budget at all times, even if you’re a full-time student.

1. Selling your old or unused textbooks.

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Got some good old textbooks laying around that you no longer require for the coming year and are still in relatively pristine condition? Well, why not head over to sale sites such as eBay, or www.WeBuyBooks.co.uk and list your unwanted textbooks to turn them into cash. Perhaps an ever so motivated and bright-eyed underclassman can put it to better use than you!

2. Selling your old or unworn clothes and accessories.

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No longer fancy keeping that leather jacket you picked up from Topshop last autumn or your skinny jeans have mysteriously and inexplicably shrunken one size? (Nothing to do with those midnight Ben and Jerry’s binges, obviously!) If your clothes are no longer receiving any love or attention, it’s time for them to find a new home! List them for sale on eBay. You would be surprised at how much money you could make off of cashing in your old wardrobe.

3. Writing freelance blog posts and articles.

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If you’ve got an interest in blog writing and article freelancing and got quite a way with words, you could write for independent websites and blogs that would pay you to feature your work. Let the creative juices flow and express yourself through some freelance work!

4. Getting a part-time job.

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This is a no brainer – polish up that CV and start hunting for local/on-campus jobs. These could be either temporary or seasonal, and some are specifically hiring students. Ideal places to work in would be coffee shops or cafes, a corner shop or even bar and waitressing staff in restaurants.

5. Scoring a summer internship.

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What better way to enhance your personal statement or CV than obtaining some relevant work experience that is related to the course you’re studying while getting paid for it at the same time? Industry experience is crucial when it comes to gaining that competitive advantage amongst your fellow graduates, therefore it’s never too early to begin thinking about your career goals.

6. Taking opinion surveys.

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Did you know that there are websites that pay students for their opinions and views on various topics such as movies, beverages, technology, university experience etc.? It’s that simple, just sit down and relax while answering some surveys. You could sign up to the, ‘Opinion Outpost’ or ‘Opinion Panel’ – a community that pay students and teens to take surveys.

7. Starting your own YouTube channel/blog.

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Passionate about creating your own content? Looking for an outlet to express your individuality and engaging with a particular type of audience? Why not create your own YouTube channel where you can post videos on just about anything: lifestyle, beauty tutorials, clothing hauls, travel diaries etc. You could earn some extra income off of YouTube AdSense based on the views that you receive. When you gain a significant following, you could even take on product sponsorships and become affiliated with brands!

8. Babysitting and pet walking.

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If you know any parents in your neighbourhood that requires someone to watch over their children while they step out for a few hours, it’s the perfect opportunity to lend a helping hand. This should be a relatively easy task, provided that the kids are behaving! If there are any pups in the neighbourhood that need to be walked, you could arrange for a time to gather them together at the same time. Money, exercise AND cuteness overload.

9. Delivering food (aka happiness) as a delivery rider.

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With fast food delivery apps such as Deliveroo and UberEats picking up in popularity, catering to people who want to enjoy hot and freshly made meals in the comfort of their own homes; delivery riders are needed in order to make these to-your-doorstep deliveries. The bonus advantage is that you can get some exercise out of it too!

10. Selling your notes to other students.

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Other students could benefit greatly from your ready-made notes especially since it saves them a lot of time to write out the notes themselves. Or… for other reasons such as they haven’t been attending the lectures and they desperately need your notes to cram last minute. Either way, try selling them on sites such as Stuvia and Notesale.

11. Tutoring other students.

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Got the book smarts? If you’re confident in relaying all that classroom knowledge to your peers who are in dire need of some re-explanation of lecture materials or coursework preparation – then offer to help them out! Because let’s be honest, most of us have got no clue about what the lecturer is talking about 65% of the time!

12. Signing up to participate in Psychology experiments.

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Depending on your University, there are always Psych Majors who are looking for lab rat- I mean, participants for their experiments. These are usually well paid and often interactive and interesting to be involved in. Will, it suddenly make you a master mind reader, you ask? I’m a-Freud not…

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