Student Storage Solution

Student Storage Alternative

My Baggage provides students with a convenient and low cost student storage alternative. We ship luggage within the UK and overseas; to over 200 countries worldwide!

When you choose to ship your luggage with My Baggage, there’s no need to say goodbye to your worldly possessions for months on end. Rather than paying to store your all of your personal belongings at the end of the university term, you can ship them back home or to a new address with My Baggage!

Unlike storage, shipping your items with My Baggage means that you’ll have full access to everything you need, even when you’re at home for the summer break or are in the process of moving to/from university. After all, the last thing you want when you return home is to realise you’ve left that important textbook in a box in a storage centre a few hundred miles away…

Opting for My Baggage will save you both time and money on storage. My Baggage is a welcomed and more affordable alternative to storage, as a shipment of up to 30kg costs from as little as just £16.99.

It’s also a convenient and stress-free solution, as it’s super easy to book online. We offer an effortless door-to-door service, so you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home and we offer full online tracking, so you can keep an eye on your luggage while it’s on its way.

How Does This Storage Alternative Work?

How does it work?

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It’s easy. Once you obtain a quote, all you have to do is book your shipment online. We provide a massive 30kg weight allowance per box/suitcase and you can book as many pieces of luggage as you like, so you can send all the items that you need to.

It takes just a few short moments to navigate your way through our user-friendly website to book and pay for your luggage shipment online. After that, we’ll collect your luggage and deliver it straight to wherever it needs to go. With years of experience and a dedicated team tracking and transporting your luggage from door to door, you can rest assured that your belongings will reach their destination safely and securely with My Baggage. It really is that simple!

You will be provided with full online tracking which allows you to keep an eye on your luggage every step of the way. We also offer free email and SMS notifications at various stages, so you’ll always be kept in the know. What’s more, if you happen to have any questions or concerns along the way, we have a dedicated customer support team who will always be happy to help.

What kind of items can I send?

With My Baggage, you can send a wide variety of items. You can, of course, send your clothes and other personal effects – but you can also ship larger items such as skis, surf boards and golf clubs. Please note that you may need to get a custom quote if they are too large to book online.

You also have options when it comes to packaging your items. Although we recommend sending your belongings in a suitcase, you can also ship your stuff in a sturdy cardboard box. We recommend packaging your items in double-walled cardboard boxes so that your items will be well protected during transit. Find more information here.

Worldwide Student Storage Alternative

My Baggage ships luggage to over 200 countries worldwide, so if you’re going travelling, studying abroad, or even taking a gap year – this is the perfect solution.

You don’t need to leave any luggage behind, or go without any of your belongings. We’ll ship all your baggage to you quickly and at a student-friendly price even if you’re travelling half way across the globe. It won’t even add to the stress of travelling, either. With My Baggage, there’s no waiting around at luggage carousels, dragging heavy bags to the airport or train station, or being caught out at the check-in desk with overweight baggage charges. That’s one less thing to worry about whilst you travel.

Our Features

SMS Reminders

Full Tracking


For those sending luggage overseas, the booking process is just as easy but if you have any questions, you can read or FAQs or contact a member of our dedicated customer support team who will be more than happy to help.

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Trustpilot rating - Excellent 4.5 out of 5 stars4.7
5 stars

2 hours ago

Sports holdall to be delivered within the UK

Very simple process, all guided through the MyBaggage website with clear pricing. Even when I'd interupted the order process, MyBaggage text me to check all was OK and once they answered some queries I had, I was able to compete the order. The package was collected on time and delivered on time too.

4 stars

2 hours ago

Very happy

Very happy with the experience. Super fast, shipped 2 boxes from Canada on a Thursday and they arrived in the UK by Monday, a full 3 days ahead of schedule. Great customer service. The only reason I am giving 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the almost CDN$50 per box in "additional fees" (fuel surcharge and others) that were never mentioned in my original quote, but only when I checked out to pay.

Natasha Gauthier
5 stars

4 hours ago

Great service and quick.

Great service and quick.

Robert Pell
4 stars

4 hours ago

Good service

Good service, arrived really quickly. The only thing I would say is that I had a bag which I thought would cost £130 which by the time you reach the end of the process became £180. Just bear this in mind.

5 stars

5 hours ago

Wonderful experience

Had a wonderful experience. Package was picked up on time and delivered early. Highly recommend My Baggage!

Tracey Vellidis
5 stars

7 hours ago

Very professional and quick and great…

Very professional and quick and great customer service.

Palak Shah Setunga
5 stars

7 hours ago

You’ve redeemed yourselves!

I’ve said this on many a review for this company, I’ve relied heavily upon them for relocating to another country. The time before this, it exceeded the 48hour delivery time which was the first time and I wasn’t best pleased as the person waiting for them waited all day whilst tracking it all. However, sending 3x items this time, my baggage have redeemed themselves and delivered swiftly within the time period! Great value sending 30kg of a large box for £19.99! Will continue to use!

5 stars

21 hours ago

Effective and friendly

Effective and friendly service with quick problem solving in my case. Fast delivery to Hungary. Excellente performance! Thank you very much.

5 stars

a day ago

Excellent service

Excellent service. Would highly recommend

5 stars

a day ago

Super fast service

Super fast service, box was delivered from England to Northern Ireland very well and I will just this service again.

5 stars

a day ago

Excellent service as always

Excellent service as always. This was Uk to Uk, suitcase collected and delivered within 24 hours. I even found a gift of a £5 credit on my account as an incentive to use them again - very welcome. I have also used their service for Uk to Spain (pre Brexit) and it was excellent. I have no experience of dealing with them over a problem ie mislaid shipment or damage, but that can only be a good thing! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

4 stars

a day ago

Bags not collected on advertised day

Everything was fairly straight forward - and once the bags had been collected the delivery was fast. However the bags were not collected on the day they told us and so I wasted 1.5 days waiting for bags to be collected. They tell you you need to speak with the courier - but trying to reach a human being at a courier company is very difficult.

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