Being a student isn’t easy.

Although being a student is an exciting time, no one seems to tell you about the many trials and tribulations you have to endure throughout your university life.

Here are 17 first world problems students know all too well.

1. Having to endure 9am lectures whilst horribly hungover from the night before.

Possibly still drunk.

2. You can’t decide which modules to take because you don’t like the sound of any of them.

Can I take a module in napping?

3. Having to deal with the fire alarm going off in halls at inconvenient times.


4. Having to queue for what feels like five years to get cash out in the SU on a night out.

5. Using up all of your printing credits by sending your essay to the wrong printer.

6. Forgetting to return a library book and having to pay an 80p fine.

7. Blackboard constantly going down when you need it most.

8. Skipping a lecture only to find the Powerpoint wasn’t put online.

This is karma in its truest form.

9. Getting an email notifying you that someone has requested your overdue library book.

10. Going to the library and forgetting your student card.

11. There’s just too much choice when it comes to choosing accommodation.

12. Needing to pull an all-nighter because you left your assignment until the day before.

13. Having to wait so long between loan instalments.

14. Having no idea if you’re late for your lecture because your phone died.

15. Becoming a serial outfit repeater because you’d rather live with the shame than pay to do your laundry.

16. Reaching the point where you literally have nothing to wear because you put off doing laundry for so long.

17. Realising that you seriously overestimated your ability to live independently away from home.

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