1. You will end up paying too much for drinks in your first bar and wasting too much time in the local fast food joint.

alcohol hangover alcohol cw alcohol tw tw alcohol

2. Getting lost and asking the drunken homeless man how to get home.

couple first lost get out

3. Supporting the wrong football team can be a big mistake…

crowd riot mob mentality

4. You’ll think the locals speak a different language than you.

sign language community

5. Getting used to the new phone area code can be a hassle.

phone kirby video games n64 cell phone

6. You think you can put off changing your GP…

homer simpson the simpsons homer fat doctor

7. …until you get fresher’s flu and are bedridden.

lifetime hayden panettiere amanda knox biopic mistaken

8. Trying to figure out all the transport links and how you’re supposed to get to the nearest Asda.

systems transport

9. When you come home and mum isn’t there to make your food… or iron your clothes… or buy your food or clothes.

scared mean girls regina george mum burn book

10. If you drive you can forget about free parking EVER again.

homer simpson the simpsons parking ticket

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