Are you thinking about whether to go to Australia in winter? For people in the Northern Territory is the perfect time to skip the hot season and explore unique activities that can only be done here. Have you ever seen a penguin parade or the Great Barrier Reef? Keep in mind that winter in Australia is from June to August!

In the north of Australia, you will feel warm and pleasant weather. However, if you go down to the south, you will find cities completely covered with snow like Tasmania or the Australian Alps. A very good point about travelling in winter is that, generally, it is less crowded.

These are some of the reasons why you should spend your wintertime in Australia:


1. Go Whale and Dolphin Watching

The warm waters of this country provide the perfect place for whale’s families to nurse their calves. The whale population is increasing near the shores of the country and the 60 per cent of whales of all over the world can be found here. That’s why Australia is the best destination to go whale watching. The kind of whales you will see differs throughout the point of the map you decide to start your adventure: blue whales, humpback whale and more.

Australia is also a perfect location to see dolphins jumping around during the winter season. This activity is considered the most favourite one among a lot of people. You don’t have only the opportunity to see these animals from a boat, you can also swim with them if the weather conditions are doable.

2. Visit Tasmania for the Southern Lights and Dark Mofo Fest

One of the most interesting places to visit in winter is Tasmania. Why? Two reasons.

The first one is that this city, apart from being actually cold during the winter times, hosts one of the best and most famous festivals in the country: the Dark Mofo Fest. In this festival, the population celebrates the roots of religion, nature and culture traditions for 10 days. In other words, a lot of food, music and art.

The second reason is the spectacular Aurora Borealis phenomenon (also called The Southern Lights). It is true that the best time for viewing them is September, but there are a lot of chances during the winter months because the sky is darker, and the nights are longer. One thing is certain: the longer you look, the better your chances.

3. Vivid Live Sydney

Viva Live is the largest party and lights event in the Southern Hemisphere. In winter, the whole city of Sydney gets decorated with thousands of lights and creative and innovative installations. From 6 pm the streets start to bright and musicians begin to play their music to make your visit even more pleasant.

The festival completely changes the city into a creative canvas that everyone can enjoy. Also, the symbolic Sydney Opera House is illuminated with colourful 3D projections that create a fantastic and extraordinary atmosphere. You’ve never seen anything like that before. We can guarantee it!

4. Discover the Great Barrier Reef

Yeah, you heard well. In winter is also possible to go scuba diving to the Great Barrier Reef. Queensland, the city closest to it, doesn’t know the meaning of cold winters. Even though from June to October is peak season, and it might be busy, it is once in a lifetime experience that you must do if you’re visiting Down Under.

The Great Barrier Reef is composed of a 2,300km-long ecosystem composed of hundreds of reefs and islands that are home to innumerable species. Just to not have a big impact when going Scuba Diving, make sure that your operator has an eco-friendly certify.

5. Crocodile Cruise

Do you know that there are over 80 thousand saltwater crocodiles in Northern Australia? Having that number of reptiles in the waterways, makes very easy to take a snap with these monsters. Some can reach 4 or 5 metres long! So, only make sure you don’t jump off the boat.

The best places to see the crocodiles in action are the Crocodylus Park in Darwin, where the most prestigious crocodile museum is situated and, the Adelaide River, where you can do a boat tour and see the beasts jumping into their prey.

6. Watch the Penguin Parade at Philip Island

Winter is the best time to see these gorgeous animals walking on parade. At Philip Island, you would be fortunate to have a close viewing of the penguins arriving and waddling across the beach to return to their refuge in the sand dunes surrounding.

This is a magical experience that will always remain in your memory. You can be part of it in some different ways. Sitting in the main elevated point with a 180-degree viewing of the Parade; having an underground perspective or experiencing a personalised and intimate wildlife tour approaching to a secluded beach to view the Little Penguins.

Which is the main attraction for you to do in Australia? There are a lot more activities that can be done in this country plenty of nature and wildlife. These are our preferred ones. Would you add some?

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