Halloween is approaching and a lot of events will take place around the world to celebrate the festivity. If you want a more exciting and spooky experience, totally different from what you have tried before; why not going to a haunted hotel?

Too afraid? Instead, why not read some of the tales surrounding these unconventional accommodations below.


1. The Stanley Hotel (Estes Park, Colorado)

This is probably one of the best-known hotels on the list. We can all remember it because the famous movie “The Shining” (By Stanley Kubrick), was filmed here. This Hotel, situated very close to the Rocky Mountains, has experienced lots of alleged paranormal activities. What’s more, some of the guests reported strange hallucinations and visions during their stay.

The hotel offers night tours around the facilities and is a unique way to know more about the stories around the unexplained voices and the mysterious piano music heard at night.

2. The Langham (London)

The Langham is one of the most luxurious and oldest hotels in London. This Hotel is a frequent place of celebrities, royal members and, believe it or not, GHOSTS. Among the ghosts apparently seen there are distinguished ancient military members, a German prince committed suicide in one of its rooms and Napoleon III itself (who lived there during his last days in exile).

Room 333 of the hotel is supposed to experience many hauntings.  And, of course, is available to book for those who have enough courage to sleep accompanied by wandering spirits.

3. The Hollywood Roosevelt (Los Angeles, USA)

In this hotel (location for the first Oscars event in Hollywood), fans of Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift would think that the celebrities are still alive. Some of the stories say that the spirits of the stars are trapped inside and that it’s possible to hear the sound of Clift’s trombone or to see Monroe’s silhouette in the mirror of her former suite.

Aside from the famous celebrities, the Hollywood Roosevelt is also home to a young girl spirit who is always looking for her mother and other spirits that have been known to lock people out of their rooms and make strange noises to scare the guests.

4. Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel (Canada)

The Banff Springs Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Canada, with more than 125 years of history and a picturesque location near the Rocky Mountains. With all those years of hosting experience, you can imagine the stories this hotel can hide behind its walls.

The most well-known tale is about the secret room 873, which apparently was covered over, so nobody could use it again. But why was it covered? The reason was a mother and a young girl were murdered there and haunted the room. Guests who’ve stayed in room 873 report hearing screams in the middle of the night and strange paintings over the walls.

5. Dragsholm Slot (Denmark)

Probably one of the most haunted hotels in Europe, this former 800-years-old castle was transformed into a luxury hotel that apparently is home to more than 100 ghosts. The castle served as a prison from 1536 to 1664 and it is said that spectres roam around the corridors of the castle in search of the cells they used to live, if you believe the stories.

There are three hauntings that Dragsholm Castle is most popular for: The Grey Lady, the Earl of Bothwell (a Scottish royal and ex-prisoner) and the white lady. These friendly ghosts have never been known to cause any serious disturbances, so for those thinking to get a taste of Denmark’s landscapes Dragsholm is the place for you.

6. Hotel del Coronado (Coronado)

Built in 1888, the Hotel del Coronado, situated just off the coast of San Diego, was known for stunning sea views and for being one of the biggest resorts at its time. It was in 1892 when everything changed.

On Thanksgiving in 1892, a 24-year-old woman checked into one of the rooms of this deluxe hotel, and after 5 days waiting for her lover to meet there, she took her own life. From that moment a lot of unusual and mysterious goings on have alleged to have occurred. From strange sounds, self-working TVs and a figure in a black dress guarding the room where she died.

7. The Shelbourne Hotel (Dublin)

This Irish hotel has been investigated in numerous cases due to poltergeist activity; especially in one of its luxury rooms. The Shelbourne is the preferred hotel for celebrities in the USA, and recently the actress Lily Collins (daughter of Phil Collins) went through a spooky and paranormal experience at room number 255.

It is believed that the spirit of a seven-year-old girl, Mary Masters, remains at this hotel room. Some staff members were forced to sleep in to see if the rumours were true and, unfortunately and most interestingly, the staff endorsed this creepy tale.

 8. Ettington Park Hotel (England)

Do you remember the film The Haunting? If you thought you saw these walls before it is because this Hotel was used for exterior shots during filming in 1963.

Apart from all fictional aspects and producers looking to gain publicity; some statements have been made about strange guests roaming the halls dressing antique clothing, as well as floating objects traversing different points of the hotel corridors. Despite the stories about ghostly presences, it hasn’t stopped visitors from coming back, quite the contrary.

9. Cecil Hotel (Los Angeles, California)

This hotel is known as Los Angeles’ most haunted place owing to many horrifying reasons. At least 16 suicides, paranormal activities and murders have reportedly happened in this building and it has been home for some serial killers such as Richard Ramirez in 1985 and Jack Unterweger in 1991.

In 2011 the hotel was rebranded with the name “Stay on Main” to try to cover the past dark and bizarre stories, but despite the new name, spooky events continued to happen. In 2013 the body of a 21-years-old Canadian tourist was found floating in the water tanks of the hotel. It remains to be active after all those cases, so you can book a room… if you are brave enough.

10. Ballygally Castle Hotel (Northern Ireland)

The stories tell that three ghosts are living in this ancient castle. The most active one is called Lady Isabella, the wife of the castle builder, who used to lock her in the tallest tower of Ballygally Castle.

One day, in deep desperation she decided to jump out of the tower to escape, but instead, she died. The prison room of Isabella has been preserved in its original outfit and it is told that she’s making presence through sudden temperature changes and odd smells.


After reading these strange and spooky stories of some of the most popular haunted hotels in the world, which would you be brave enough to stay in? Any we missed?